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On a scale a 1 to 5, it’s a 6!

My daughter was outgrowing her bralettes and I reached out to some friends for an alternative. Someone led me here and a rep on the live chat helped me with sizing. When my daughter went to try the bra on, she came running into the living room and said “YES!” These are great because they don’t required padding and she is super happy!


Great First Bra.

My daughter feels much more confident in the Ladybug bra than any other training bra she has tried. It is soft and thick enough to provide comfort and support and doesn’t make her feel too grown up. It’s just perfect.



I absolutely love the hula crop bra! it fits me perfectly and it is the most comfortable fabric. I wear this everywhere, under my shirt or as a crop top for exercising. I am so happy with the way this product looks, this is a must have!!


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