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Seamless Bras


Seamless and in Style: Bras at Yellowberry

Our seamless bras are built with comfort in mind. These bras are designed to be undetectable under your daughter’s clothes, with soft, moisture-wicking fabrics so she can enjoy all of her favorite activities without worrying about her undergarments. Seamless bras are made without seams or cups, and still provide support with a single piece of fabric that is sewn without stitches or seams.

From the Sugar to the Tulip styles we offer, your daughter is sure to find a new favorite bra she can wear under any outfit or for any occasion.

The Ultimate Guide for Perfect Bra Fit

When you don’t have to measure cups or straps, it’s hard to know how to find the right fit or size for your daughter. You want her to move in comfort and feel confident in the right fit, which is why we’ve put together our own sizing guide for our seamless bras.

How Seamless Bras Should Fit

We craft our seamless bras so they are comfortable for everything from summer camp activities to sleeping. So, how should they feel and fit? The fabric should stretch but fit flush against her skin, without straps digging in (all Yellowberry bra straps are adjustable). The material should feel comfortable and offer the support she needs.

If she’s wearing the correct size and fit, she can wear her seamless bra for any and every adventure life takes her on!

A Quick Guide for Bra Fitting

Finding the right size and fit is easy! All you need is a pen, notepad, and flexible measuring tape.

Take the measuring tape and wrap it around your daughter’s ribcage, just below her breasts. Gently pull the measuring tape so that it’s snug, but still comfortable. If you pull too tightly, you may get an inaccurate size–you’ll know you’re pulling too tightly when the tape digs into her skin. Once you’ve comfortably wrapped the tape, note down the number in your notepad.

Next, wrap the tape around the fullest part of her chest–this will be the overbust measurement. Follow the above tips to ensure you aren’t wrapping too tightly. Write down the number for this measurement.

Now, you should have two numbers. Let’s say the underbust measurement is thirty with an overbust measurement of thirty-one. Using our sizing guide on each seamless bra’s product page to find the Standard Girl Sizing, the best size for a 30/31 measurement would be a size fourteen.

My Daughter Is Between Bra Sizes, Now What?

No worries! Yellowberry knows your daughter is developing, which is why we recommend purchasing a size up if she is between sizes. This way, she’ll be as comfortable as possible and can still grow into the bra. Because our seamless bras are cup-free and made with elastic materials, she can easily wear a size up!