Our Mantras

The Littlest Yellowberry Is Always In Our Hearts.


When my younger sister, Caroline, unexpectedly died when she was five, her Godparents wrote a list of ten things that were the total essence of Caroline. A way to remember her spirit and celebrate her life. They have always hung on the walls of my home growing up. When I was sitting in my room thinking of what to write on the tags of my new products, I was looking at this list and realized the sayings were more than just Caroline. These mantras were explaining what it means to be a happy, carefree, young girl! I decided to include one of these mantras on the tag of every Yellowberry product. As my company has grown, one of the mantras is now printed inside every product we have as a way to celebrate the amazing girls in our Yellowberry community. Each statement reminds our Berries to take the time to enjoy, explore, and change the world around her!

The Yellowberry Mantras 

Water the flowers every day.
Watch quietly and observe.
Go barefoot.
Love the outdoors and nature.
Seek and find a hug when you need one.
Campfires are rare; eat as many marshmallows as you can.


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