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Tween Bras


How to Choose the Right First Training Bra

Buying a first tween training bra isn't always easy! You want your young daughter to feel confident, secure, and fearless, but you also need to ensure you've got the best fabric, fit, and cut so that the bra will last and keep its quality through countless washes.

Our first tip is to help your tween or teen measure up to check you're looking at the right size. Wandering around a shop with a basic range of low-quality bras isn't inspiring, so it's a great idea to take measurements in the comfort of your home and look through styles together. This way, your tween can feel more confident about the bras you suggest.

Yellowberry's Ladybug has been our best seller for seven years straight, and it's a fantastic option for tweens trying a bra for the first time! The Aspen or Pipit are also great choices, with gorgeous pastel shades, bright color pops, or neutrals to work as a discreet cami under a shirt if you're looking for training bras for your girl to wear to school.

The double-layered design provides excellent support, with adjustable training bra straps that tweens can wear as a straight or racerback style, with just the right amount of coverage.

Why Buy Natural Fiber Cotton Girls Training Bras?

Cotton is undoubtedly the best fabric for tween clothing, especially for bras that sit gently but supportively next to the skin! Natural, super-soft fibers feel feather light and comfortable and are friendly even to sensitive skin, with breathable, cooling features and a high wicking property that stops your busy tween from overheating or worrying about moisture.

Our comprehensive training bra options include other material blends great for higher-impact tween sports or activities. Still, cotton is an excellent choice for a first bra, as it's a familiar and comfortable fabric that doesn't look or feel any different from the clothes your tween is used to.

The Best Cami Training Bra for School Sports

Sports and events can be nerve-wracking for young tweens who are body conscious and want the freedom to run, play, and explore without reservations holding them back! A smart Spandex blend is a magic ingredient with a gentle feel like cotton and a little extra training bra support. Try a longer-line bralette for boosted coverage, or pick up a pack of seamless tween undergarments in matching colors for that all-new outfit self-esteem!

Our Luna style is a go-to tween bra for club practice, with a smooth hybrid fabric with a blend of Nylon and Spandex and a cool matte brushed finish. The Tink Hybrid training bra is our flagship sports bra, and it features a smart open back–a must-have for tween gymnasts!

If your tween prefers a wider back and a snugger training bra fit, we'd recommend the Firefly, which is engineered with the exceptional quality you expect, along with breathable, strong fabric without any unnecessary padding.

You can find more information about sizing for tweens, proper measuring, or buying training bra styles that will help tweens feel relaxed and assured in the Yellowberry product pages. There, you’ll be able to choose a fantastic training bra that’ll support your tween from the inside out.