Pipit Bra Bundle of Three

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This bundle contains three Pipit Bras.

Sewn with modern lines for a clean and simple design, the Pipit makes a great choice for girls looking for their first bra. Built with a slightly lighter fabric than our Ladybug bra, the Pipit makes the perfect addition to your daughters’ drawers. 

  • Every Yellowberry bra is built with thick fabric that provides complete coverage - meaning no padding needed, ever!
  • Incredibly Soft Pima Cotton, just a hint of stretch
  • Pima Cotton / Spandex fabric blend
  • Convertible and adjustable straps
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Plastic-Free Packaging!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 343 reviews
First bra love

My daughter really didn’t want to get a bra. At 12yo, I’ve been letting her do camis and tank tops, but the time had come for something a little more supportive. Let me reiterate, she was not excited about this. She hates the idea of her body changing. When the bras came in their sweet brown box with a yellow ribbon, I simply left it in her room. Unlike the big fanfare I remember of shopping with my own mom in the department store, I knew that my kid needed it to be on her terms. And what happened...she came downstairs to share that she “actually” really likes them. She was able to jump around and feel the support (I didn’t even know she had registered “support” as something she needed!). She said, “don’t tell anyone, but I love them. Can you tell daddy to buy me some?” (Divorced) And she loved the sweet yellow ribbon. Overall, just such a nice experience. We bought another style of yellowberry bra to compare with, and the exchange process was so simple. I’m so glad someone had recommended this company to me!

Love the Pipit

I really love the Pipit! It's so comfortable!
THANK YOU YELLOWBERRY for helping girls like me feel confident.
(ps, LOVE the ocean color. I am a HUGE blue fan)

Mom loves it, daughter not so much

Super high quality material - I would love a sports bra like this for me!! But my daughter refuses to wear it. Says it’s uncomfortable, not sure why. She likes the Tulip one though.

Excellent first bra!

Excellent first bra, my daughter is comfortable and doesn't mind wearing it (a big win!) Washes well, we'll definitely order again!

She loved it!

My daughter said super comfortable she didn’t even know she was wearing it!

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