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Seek and find a hug when you need one.

Take Girls Seriously

Take girls seriously
Out of this frustration, I asked myself: How can Yellowberry support and amplify the voices, talents and abilities of the young girls in our community? How can we validate their ambitions and capabilities as a brand?

Our "Take Girls Seriously" campaign was born!

We work with girls and young women to showcase and utilize their talents at my company. Everything from product launches, copy writing, photography, graphics, production, and more, these girls have a true opportunity to have their voices heard, work recognized, and leadership followed.
Alison was the visionary behind the look of the launch of our new, beloved Star Bra
Abby helped create, produce, and launch our very first Take Girls Seriously campaign
Mary Margaret produced content, photos, and copy for our website, product launches and social media
Cora shows us what it means to make the most of a difficult situation. Her ability to find joy in spite of hardship is truly admirable.
Ariella's story behind the scar. Talk about grit, tenacity, and strength!
Steph's journey to find her voice is an incredibly inspiring story to say the least. Plus, one day working in fashion is a huge dream!