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Blue Jay

Instant Favorite. Sophisticated, crisp, and functional design with double straps our girls love. Fabric is  sleek, feels like cotton and wears like iron. Think soft, supportive, and strong. Perfect to wear all day at school without missing a beat for practice.

Fit.  Our  Hybrid Luna Bras are meant to fit more tightly than our other styles. If you are in between sizes or your daughter prefers a less snug fit, please size up to the next size.

Innovative, Hybrid Technology. What's that? We invented a brand new bra category after listening to your feedback: Girls wanted a bra they could wear all day, every day and never have to change. These styles are designed to move with her from math class to soccer practice with ease.

No Padding Needed, Ever! Every Yellowberry Bra is double layered with high-quality fabric to ensure full coverage and support, always.

Great For girls who are active. Anywhere from the first bra wearer to those looking for an exceptional new style.

  • Nylon / Spandex fabric blend
  • Antimicrobial and moisture-wicking
  • Matte brushed finish for absolute comfort and softness
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone’s life easier)


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Please note that our Hybrid Styles are best sellers and move quickly. Even though these bras may be in your cart, until your checkout is complete, we cannot guarantee your order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Issues with the fit

We are new to Yellowberry and are trying different products. My daughter did not love this one, she wasn’t too happy with the double straps and it felt a bit loose on the cleavage area. We liked the material and coverage, but she preferred the firefly.

Nice bra

This has been perfect for my daughter. She needs a supportive sports bra that is a neutral color. Please keep making them in beige or neutral skin tones. Some girls are modest and don't like all the bright colors. Thank you!

First bra

My daughter has been avoiding a bra for a long time her friends just started wearing them she finally said yes and she said " let go to target
I told her no we are going to shop online at yellowberry. So we did and she wears it which is amazing so now that she wears them Ireally only buy yellowberry bras.

Granddaughter thrilled!

I bought 3 Yellowberrys for my oldest Granddaughter who is just starting to develop and a bit unsure of herself. I brought the beautifully boxed "gift" to her and she was excited. She tried them on immediately and told me they were beautiful. At 9, that means a lot. Her mother informed me that it was the first thing she took out of her undergarment drawer this morning, because she was excited to wear it. Now - that's a successful gift from Grandma to Granddaughter! Thank you!

Luna review

Not a perfect fit but well made and comfortable

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