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What to Wear Over a Camisole: Perfect Pairings for a Balanced Outfit

As your daughter begins navigating the fashion norms of camisoles, it’s important to know what outfits these garments work well with. After all, there’s no sense in buying a bunch of them if she doesn’t know how to wear them!

Whether she’s exploring camisoles with built-in support options or ones without them, camis work great under other layers of clothing. But what exactly should your daughter wear over them?

Today, we’ll explore how your daughter can wear camis to school or while out and about. We’ll also show you where to buy camisoles for girls ages eight to fifteen.

What Is a Camisole?

A camisole is a sleeveless, often loose-fitting top with thin straps. It extends to the waist, covering your daughter’s stomach. Sometimes, camis include bra padding or lace trim, but not all do.

Are Camisoles Underwear?

Technically, camisoles are innerwear, not underwear. ‘Innerwear’ refers to any piece of clothing worn underneath other garments, sitting close to the skin. Underwear, on the other hand, is worn under all other clothing, directly touching the skin. Because camis can be worn in public and your daughter might wear a bra under them, they’re not considered underwear.

What to Wear Over a Camisole

So, what can your daughter wear over a camisole? We’ll show you a few great outfits she can gain inspiration from as she develops her sense of style:


Whether it’s a denim, leather, or suede jacket, it will look effortlessly-cool over a camisole. This outfit is especially functional in the spring or fall, when it’s chilly enough for a jacket but not so cold that sleeved layers are necessary.


Cardigans are another fashion staple because they can be worn year-round. Your daughter can pair a cardigan with a cami to create a polished and cozy look. For added style, have her try a patterned cardigan to add a pop to a plain cami.


You probably won’t be able to see a camisole under a t-shirt, but trust us–it serves a critical purpose. This outfit is perfect for gym days when your daughter will have to change in front of her peers. With a cami under her t-shirt, there’s no reason to bare it all, which can make her feel more comfortable and supported.

Sheer Tops

Let’s face it–not every top marketed towards teens or prettens is perfectly opaque. Even knitted sweaters have small holes in them that could make her bra visible. Luckily, your daughter can simply wear a neutral-colored cami underneath sheer or knitted tops for additional coverage.

Where Can I Find Camisoles for Teens?

Camisoles are an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe, so it’s a good idea to stock up on them for your kiddo. If your teen or preteen is running low on camis, check out Yellowberry’s selection. We offer high-quality camisoles in a variety of styles and colors, giving your daughter endless options. Shop our online store today to upgrade her outfits with support and comfort!