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The Difference Between Loungewear and Sleepwear

Even though it’s great to be stylish, sometimes, you just want to relax. When shopping for comfortable clothes for your teen or preteen daughter, you’ll likely come across loungewear and sleepwear.  While they both may have soft, moisture-wicking fabrics, there are some distinct differences between them.

What Is Loungewear?

Girls’ loungewearhas become increasingly popular in recent years. Loungewear is anything designed primarily to be comfortable, but that is also stylish and appropriate enough to be worn outside.

There are different types of loungewear, including tracksuits, joggers, sweats, and leggings. You can find these items in different fabrics, but cotton and jersey knits are the most common materials you’ll see.

The most important feature of loungewear is that it’s transitional–your daughter can take a nap in it and then go to the grocery store with you without changing outfits! She could even wear it during gym class on colder days, where longer pants are acceptable.

While loungewear could technically be worn to school, her teachers may prefer her to wear something less casual.

What Is Sleepwear?

Sleepwear is anything designed to wear to bed. Different types of sleepwear include pajamas, camisoles, and nightgowns. They can be made from cotton, flannel, or even silk.

Unlike loungewear, sleepwear should not be worn outside. It’s primarily designed to be worn to bed, but can also be worn around the house. The fabric on sleepwear is usually too thin to combat wind, rain, and chilly days.

Sleepwear is usually inappropriate to wear in public–it’s either too revealing or too casual to pass as loungewear. Additionally, the fabrics, patterns, and fit are very designed for sleep, so if your daughter wears them to school, people may assume she’s under the weather.

Key Differences

Loungewear can pass as sleepwear, but sleepwear can’t pass as loungewear. This can get confusing, so let’s dive deeper into how these two types of clothing are different.


Loungewear tends to be made of thicker materials than sleepwear, which is one of the reasons why it’s acceptable to wear it outside. It can hold up against the elements, whereas sleepwear won’t stand a chance.


Sleepwear is designed to not irritate your skin while you’re sleeping, which is why you see plenty of silk pajamas on the market. However, loungewear does not always keep this in mind because it’s meant to be worn outdoors, too.

Support and Coverage

Leaving the house typically requires a bra, but many people prefer not to wear one to sleep. That’s why sleepwear isn’t usually designed with bras in mind. In fact, bras may show right through sleepwear due to the spaghetti straps and plunging necklines.

Loungewear, on the other hand, often needs to be worn with a bra, so your daughter may want to make sure she is wearing one before she leaves the house.


Loungewear doesn’t have many varied styles–joggers and sweatpants are pretty standard. 

Pajamas, slips, and nightgowns, however, come in a variety of styles to stay comfortable at night. Because some cuts in sleepwear can be revealing, your daughter will probably not be comfortable wearing her pajama shorts outside.

Sets Versus Separates

Loungewear tends to come in separates–your daughter can mix and match tops, bottoms, and outwear to create the perfect look. Pajamas are more likely to come in sets that include both a top and bottom.


Sleepwear comes in creative colors, patterns, and prints for a fun sleeping experience. Because sleepwear is not meant to be worn out in public, your daughter can have fun with the way her sleepwear looks.

Loungewear, however, tends to come in more neutral and muted colors, like beige, black, white, gray, and mauve.

Camis for Growing Girls

While loungewear and sleepwear are different from one another, they have one thing in common–they’re comfortable garments you can sleep in. Yellowberry camis can be worn as either loungewear or sleepwear!

If you’re looking for some camis for your daughter to wear to bed or lounge around in, we’ve got you covered. Our camis come in a variety of colors to pair with her pajama or loungewear pants, so browse our selection today!