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Do Camisoles Have Bras? Exploring Built-In Support Options

When shopping forcamis for girls, you and your daughter have many options. There are various colors and styles to choose from, and some camisoles are more supportive than others.

Your daughter may be interested in a camisole that has a bra or another form of breast support built in, but do these exist? Instead of worrying about what to wear over a camisole(or under it), could she really wear one on its own?

Let’s talk about whether camis have built-in bras and what support they can offer your tween!

What Are Camisoles?

Camisoles are sleeveless, loose-fitting tops that extend down to the waist. Silk and satin camisoles more closely resemble lingerie and have lace trim, but the most common form of camisole is basic, made without frills and with cotton or nylon fabric.

Camis are innerwear–garments that are often worn underneath other clothing and sit near the skin. This is different from underwear, which goes underneath all other clothing and makes direct contact with the skin. When nothing is worn over a camisole, it’s considered outerwear. This is perfectly acceptable on hot days or for pajamas!

Because camis are an essential wardrobe staple, we recommend buying more than one for your daughter. Grab at least two in each neutral color–black, white, and skin-tone camis are common go-tos. Then, snag some in other colors that your daughter may like, especially if she has outfits that coordinate with them.

What Support Can Camisoles Offer?

Some camisoles have built-in shelf bras or padding, but not all of them do. If this is something your daughter is looking for, have her try our Shell Camisole or our popular Pearl Camisole!

Camis that don’t have a bra built into them can be worn with a bra underneath. If your daughter is worried about her bra straps showing, she can opt for a bandeau or strapless bra.

Benefits of Wearing a Camisole With Built-In Support

Tween girls may often feel more comfortable with camis that have a built-in bra. These camisoles provide extra coverage and breast support, and can be worn with or without a bra, depending on the support she needs.

These kinds of tops are also helpful for days when your daughter may want to wear a cami on its own–she won’t need to wear a separate bra underneath. On hot days, there’s no need to layer!

Camisoles make the perfect gym clothes, but sports bras have wide straps that show under thin straps. With built-in bras, she doesn’t need to worry about a fashion faux pas.

Find Supportive Camisoles at Yellowberry

Camis with built-in bras are convenient, comfortable, and offer much-wanted coverage for developing girls. It’s no wonder why they’re so popular!

Looking for the perfect, age-appropriate camisoles for your daughter? Yellowberry has you covered–we offer camis with and without built-in bras in a variety of colors and styles. Browse our selection today and let your daughter pick out the ones she likes best!