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Can You Wear a Camisole in Public? Navigating the Fashion Norms

When clarifying the role of camisoles in fashion, it’s important to know how they can be worn. As fashion trends evolve, camisoles have been worn as both a standalone top and as an undergarment. But are camisoles suitable to wear in public without an overshirt?

Today, we’ll talk about what to wear over a camisole and whether you can wear them on their own in public. We’ll also show you where to find girls’ camisoles for your tween!

What Are Camisoles?

Camisoles are sleeveless tops with thin straps. They can have bra padding or lace trim, but not all of them do. Camisoles are often worn as additional coverage under sheer tops, but they can also be worn on their own.

Also known as ‘camis,’ these tops come in many colors. The most popular are neutrals: white, black, and various skin-tones. Skin-toned camis are especially useful underneath sheer white tops.

Camisoles Versus Spaghetti Straps Versus Tank Tops

Camisoles are different from spaghetti strap tops in that spaghetti strap tops often have patterns and can be casual or formal, whereas camisoles are more casual. They’re different from tank tops in that tank tops can be looser and have thicker straps.

What to Wear Over a Cami

Camisoles are versatile garments, which means you can pair them with just about any layer of clothing! If your daughter has a sheer or loosely fitting top, a cami underneath can hide her bra. On spring and autumn days, a cami can be paired with a jacket.

Gym days can be awkward for preteen and teenage girls–changing in front of peers can make them feel exposed and uncomfortable. By wearing a cami underneath regular clothes (like t-shirts), your daughter has additional coverage during those vulnerable moments.

Are Camisoles Appropriate to Wear as a Top?

You can wear camisoles in public, whether they’re underneath clothing or being worn on their own. It’s also okay if they show underneath your clothes–after all, they’re not underwear.

While many believe camisoles are underwear, they are actually an undergarment that qualifies as ‘innerwear.’ Innerwear is clothing that is worn underneath other garments and sits next to the skin. Underwear, however, goes underneath all of your clothing and touches your skin. We all know that underwear isn’t meant to be seen in public, but it’s perfectly acceptable for a camisole to be on display.

All of that being said, your daughter’s school may have dress code policies in place that ban camisoles and spaghetti straps unless they’re being worn underneath another layer, like a cardigan or hoodie. It’s a good idea to check with her school before sending her off in just a camisole with no outer layer.

Camisoles for Tween Girls

Camisoles are wardrobe staples, and there are many ways to wear them. Even though they’re considered innerwear, they’re perfectly acceptable to wear in public on their own.

If you’re looking for camisoles for your teen or preteen daughter, you’ve come to the right place! Yellowberry carries a variety of camisoles in different styles and colors, so she has a wide variety of options to choose from!