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Training Bras


What Is the Right Age for a Girl’s First Training Bra?

Underwear is such a personal item of clothing, it's entirely an individual choice–there is never a right or wrong time for girls to start being interested in bras! Some girls love wearing a bra before their bodies begin to develop, often because they're familiar with bras being worn by other teens, sisters, or peers. Others might not even consider it until they need one to feel more comfortable during dance, physical education, or other activities, but there isn't any specific age you need to wait for as a sign that it's time for a training bra.

The average age for a girl to ask about their first training bra pack varies from about eight to fourteen, so it's best to play it by ear, be open to chatting and answering questions about your daughter's preferences and tastes, and pick a starter set for when she is 100% ready.

How Do I Choose the Comfiest Girls Training Bras?

We'd suggest starting with a cotton girls training bra, as a familiar, soft fabric. The Pipit is a best-selling training bra for younger tweens, with full coverage and just the right amount of support without feeling restrictive. Its natural, lightweight material is perfect and lets it feel like regular clothing, with comprehensive sizing charts available on its product page to help you pick the right fit.

What Is the Benefit of a Seamless Training Bra?

We choose exceptional quality, whisper-light, and super-soft fabrics for our tween and teen bras. The support, coverage, and fit of a training bra is very different from those of adult bras, and our zero-padding designs with double layering–and without any mesh or other abrasive fabric–is the ultimate in easy, breezy comfort.

Do I Need to Take Measurements to Pick the Best Training Bra?

All Yellowberry training bra product pages have a complete size chart where you can check typical sizes by age or compare under- and over-bust measurements to ensure your set is a fantastic fit–we also incorporate an adjustable strap so you can loosen, tighten, or swap the Ladybug straps for a racerback fit, as every girl will have slightly different shoulders.

Is a Cotton Girls Training Bra Suitable for Sports?

The Sky Bra is a great style sports bra for younger girls, with a spandex blend that is ideal for active tweens and teenagers. Our fabrics are carefully selected for softness, support, flexibility, and wearability, assuring your little one of a superb fit that won't itch, bunch, or dig into delicate skin.

A comfortable pack of bras can work wonders for confidence and freedom of movement, so we offer an opportunity to browse bra styles–from subtle neutral shades to bright pops of color–to see what will make your daughter feel her absolute best. If in any doubt, a matching set is always a win, with  coordinated underwear that makes for an amazing start to the day.