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What Makes a Good Hoodie: Key Features for a Fashion-Forward Girl

It’s no secret thatgirls' hoodies come in a wide range of styles, but knowing how your daughter wants to style hers is a different story. As she embraces tweendom, she’s exploring so much more than her own development and bras–she’s discovering who she wants to be. And while it may seem like just a hoodie, her clothes are tools for expressing her creativity and personality.

The truth is,  girls’ hoodie fashion trends change from year to year, but the right hoodie can be a closet staple and a faithful companion to your daughter’s adventures. In this article, we’ll explore what you need to consider when buying your daughter her new favorite hoodie.

Whether she wants to jump into a sporty style or rock out with some edgy accents, her hoodie can seamlessly integrate into her chosen aesthetic. With closet staples she loves that can be as adaptable as her, you won’t need to run to the store to find the latest trends. Instead, you’ll be learninghow to wash hoodies the right way, so her favorite look can last through the seasons.

What to Look For in a Hoodie

Because hoodies can fit into any fashion statement or style, it’s important to invest in pieces that can keep your daughter cozy and comfortable through all of her adventures. When purchasing a hoodie for the tween in your life, here’s what to look for:


Hoodies that are cozy and soft end up being worn almost every day! Your daughter feels more confident when she’s in clothes that fit well and feel good. When purchasing hoodies, opt for ones that have a higher cotton percentage–the higher the cotton percentage, the softer the feel.

Also keep in mind that hoodies with a cotton and polyester blend tend to last longer. It also matters how the threads were spun, the weight of the fabric, and the production process. For example, preshrunk cotton and ring-spun cotton tend to be more durable than standard cotton.


Hoodies can come in all colors, patterns, and designs, but neutrals tend to make excellent closet staples. With a black, white, gray, or navy hoodie, she can effortlessly pair her hoodie with any of her other favorite garments or accessories without upstaging her statement pieces.

However, her personality can also be reflected in the design she selects. If your daughter is bold and expressive, she may want a little more from her hoodie. Even a neon green hoodie can become a staple item if it reflects her unique style and can be paired with other items in her closet.


Some hoodies are made with more breathable materials, which can make them ideal for warm or mild weather. Other hoodies are made with thicker materials, which are perfect for chilly days. Depending on the season and the climate in your area, you may want to select a few different hoodies for different occasions.

Keep in mind that natural fibers, such as cotton, tend to be more breathable. Hoodies with thinner or lighter fabric may not keep your daughter very warm. However, fleece can be light and breathable, but when layered with a denser fabric, it can be very warm and cozy.

Style and Fit

There are several different styles and fits of hoodies, including:

  • Pullovers: These hoodies slip on over your daughter’s head like a normal t-shirt, but they are usually made of a thicker material than your average tee.
  • Zip-ups: These hoodies can be put on like a coat with one arm at a time with no need to pull the hoodie over your tween’s head. Your daughter can attach the front zipper pieces together and zip the hoodie up to her desired height for as much or as little coverage as she likes.
  • Athletic hoodies: These hoodies are typically made with more breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, or even with mesh components. This helps athletes stay covered and warm during training sessions or workouts.
  • Sleeveless: These unique hoodies are very popular in streetwear fashion, looking just like any other hoodie but without sleeves. They can either have similar sleeves to a tank top or unisex t-shirt.
  • Cropped: Just like a crop top, cropped hoodies typically end at the waist or midriff. They usually have full-length sleeves and are loose-fitted for comfort.

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