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Tweetberry Headband

Color: Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf
Blue Jay
Fabric: Active

Headbands are a MUST. For yoga, soccer, or a day at the lake, they are perfect! They also make a great team gift!  (Please email us for bulk pricing!)  Three awesome colors, and even have one of our mantras patterned on the inside. :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Fits well!

Margraet B.
Very Nice Headband

The Tweetberry Headband is a very nice headband. We received it free along with another order. The color is very vibrant, and it stays in place without slipping.

S E.
Tweetberry Headband

This headband is amazing. It is perfect for using during sports events. Thin headbands are usually very tight. I am glad that this one is a little wider. It definitely keeps the hair out of your eyes while very comfy! Thank you so much Yellowberry!

Janelle T.

This is a great headband for anyone who is active. My daughter loves this headband so much! No more irritating bobby pins to hassle with! Thanks Yellowberry!

Birgitt P.
Head bands for gift bags

Just picked up some great headbands to go into gift bags with gift certificates to introduce friends and family to Yellowberry. Great products, great message for our young girls!!