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Is Investing in Quality Loungewear Worth It?

Loungewear and athleisure is a fashion trend that has stayed strong over the years and is a go-to look for many young girls and women alike. Whether going to school, sports practice, or hanging out at home, loungewear offers a cozy alternative to tight, restrictive clothing.

If you’re wondering how to look good in loungewear and keep it from looking too much like pajamas, we have many styling tricks to keepgirls’ loungewear looking trendy. One crucial element is starting with pieces that are versatile and well-made for everyday wear. 

Benefits of Buying Better Loungewear

In the long run, investing in quality clothing is more cost-efficient, practical, and sustainable. Your loungewear will look and wear much better compared to the leggings, sweats, and hoodies that are made cheaply and quickly by fast fashion retailers. 


Have you noticed that inexpensive sleepwear or cheap leggings break down quickly and start to pill or get holes and tears? The higher the quality of an article of clothing, the longer it will last. Pieces that are made with premium fabrics and attention to detail during the assembly process are built to withstand more wash and wear. 

Cost Efficiency

While you might be paying more upfront, spending a little more on better-made pieces of loungewear will mean you do not have to replace items sooner than expected because they are worn through or warped by wear.

The longer and more often you wear quality garments, the lower the cost-per-wear is. Also, while it’s always exciting for girls to get new pieces of clothes, quality-made garments can be passed down to younger sisters or cousins without feeling old and worn. 

More Comfortable, Better Fitting 

Higher-quality loungewear is made with softer fabrics and designed and stitched with more care, resulting in a more stylish and cozy fit. Loungewear is meant to be both moved and relaxed in, requiring both flexible and comfortable considerations.

Lower-quality garments are more likely to lose their shape over time, changing the fit significantly. Because higher quality clothes are not mass-produced, they are designed and tailored to be sized with appropriate and flattering cuts your daughter can look and feel good in when lounging around the house or out and about with friends.

To keep loungewear from looking too much like pajamas, nicely made, sleeker pieces will also dress up more seamlessly. 

Final Thoughts

Clothes that are made with quality craftsmanship are typically produced by much smaller operations than the large retailers whose clothes are produced in large factories overseas with very little quality control in place. Higher-quality garments are known for producing less waste and utilizing ethical manufacturing processes.

Yellowberry’s new loungewear line is proudly made from start to finish in the US, with a commitment to creating premium-quality garments and underwear for young girls and tweens. Our dedicated customer care team is available to take the uncertainty out of purchasing loungewear and underwear for your daughter!