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How to Wash Hoodies: A Girl’s Guide to Keeping Fresh and Fabulous

Hoodies are a staple in every loungewear closet, and your daughter’s own wardrobe is no exception. It’s difficult to find high-qualitygirls hoodies in the world of fast-fashion, but with Yellowberry’s Downtown Hoodie, it’s easy to seewhat makes a good hoodie.

The best hoodies are the ones you can wear over and over, with versatility that allows you to pair it with any outfit. Hoodies that have a higher proportion of cotton are usually softer and last longer, and are made with higher quality manufacturing processes. The Yellowberry Downtown Hoodie is made in the US with high-quality manufacturing and is comfortable for your daughter to wear every day.

While your daughter figures out  how to wear a hoodie with style, you might be more concerned with keeping her favorite hoodie in tip-top shape. In this article, we breakdown how to wash and care for your daughter’s hoodies so she can love them all through her adolescence.

Top Tips for Hoodie Care

Washing your clothes does more than keep them fresh and stain-free–by washing your clothes regularly (and correctly) you can maintain their integrity for longer and the quality is more likely to last.

If your daughter wants to love her favorite hoodie for longer, follow these tips:

Check the Care Label

Not all hoodies are made from the same materials or manufacturing processes, or even the same dyes. This can impact how the brand or manufacturer recommends you care for them. The care label on the hoodie will detail the materials the hoodie is made from, how to wash and dry it, as well as other care instructions, such as the need to wash inside-out or by using a wool-cycle.

Avoid Softeners and Bleach

Fabric softeners and bleach can actually break down the fibers in your clothing much faster than if you use just laundry detergent and spot-treatments. While fabric softener can create a softer, and wrinkle-free garment, over time it can alter the garment and reduce its ‘fluffiness.’ The inside of hoodies tends to be made of fleece or terry cloth, making it softer on the skin. This fluffiness can break down over time if used frequently.

Spot-Treat Stains Before Washing

If her hoodie has a stain on it, don’t immediately throw it in the washing machine. Hot temperatures and intensive wash cycles can actually cement those stains into the fabric while also wearing down the garment.

Instead, use spot-treatment solutions or soda water and salt to gently lift the stain from the fabric.

Always Close Zippers and Buttons

If her hoodie has zippers or buttons, fasten all of those before washing in the washing machine or by hand. These little features can snag and cause holes and increased wear-and-tear during washing and wear down the hoodie faster.

How to Wash By Hand

Washing by hand is more time and labor intensive, but for high-quality hoodies, it’s worth it. Fill a tub, sink basin, or large bucket with lukewarm water and a small amount of gentle laundry detergent, approximately one tablespoon. Then, soak her hoodie for five to ten minutes.

Once the hoodie is soaked through, swish it in the water, using your hands or a soft-bristled brush to remove any smudges, stains, or dirt. After all of the visible dirt is removed, gently squeeze the excess water out of the hoodie. Now, you can dump out or drain the used water and refill it with cold, clean water.

Again, place the hoodie in the fresh water and gently work the fabric with your hands to remove the soap and suds from the hoodie. Once you can feel all the soap has been removed, gently squeeze out the excess water and hang or lay the hoodie flat to dry. Check the care instructions on the hoodie’s tag to see if it is suitable for the clothesline or if it needs to lay flat.

How to Machine Wash

Machine washing and drying her hoodies is much more straightforward. As always, check the care tag for specific instructions. Generally, you’ll be safe putting her hoodie in with other like colors, washing with cold water, on a gentle cycle. If her hoodie needs some extra TLC, spot-treat those areas prior to washing in the machine.

Once the wash cycle is completed, you can either hang-dry the hoodie or put it in the dryer. We generally recommend using a low heat setting with a gentle tumble dry. High-intensity cycles with high heat can wear down the elastics and fabric faster, causing the colors to fade and the hoodie to lose its shape.

With all that in mind, your daughter will be ready to rock her favorite hoodie once again!