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Girls' Hoodie Fashion Trends: The Latest Styles for 2024

In 2024, girls’ fashion is all about athleisure, oversized clothes, and Y2K! All the current trends for tweens and teens feature hoodies for girls as staple pieces. When it comes to all three fashion trends, they have a bit of overlap when emphasizing comfort. What makes a good hoodie is not just the quality of clothing but how girls will want to style it. Comfy outfit choices for girls can be age-appropriate, cute, and fashion-forward.


Athleisure is one fashion trend that has stood the test of time‒dressing for comfort isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The genius of athleisure is how versatile it is; it can be functional for light exercise without looking like pajamas.

Athleisure pieces, especially hoodies, tend to have softer, more neutral color palettes so that they can be mixed with other clothing. The fabrics are buttery soft and stretchy with some practical design elements for transitioning from physical activity to hanging out or going to school.

Oversized Fashion

The vintage-style fashion trends are looking back to what teens were wearing in the 90s, which means a lot of baggy clothes! Hoodies are a star player here–they can be simple but are generally made with thick, durable cotton.

Oversized hoodies paired with wide-legged cargo pants or baggy jeans is a very hip look with just enough edge. Color palettes are flexible with this trend, but black and gray are classic oversized hoodie colors that can be paired with any kind of bottoms.


Fashion inspired by the early 2000s is the hottest fashion trend among young girls right now. These throwback looks reference those baggy cargo pants from the 90s, but the tops and hoodies tend to be cropped.

Matching track and sweat suits are cozy and comfy and come in colors like bubblegum pink, bright lavenders, and baby blue. Y2K is all about girly–very casual outfits are paired with bold, fun accessories and textures. Bedazzled hoodies and joggers are signature Y2K garments!

Styles of Hoodies

Hoodies come in a variety of cuts and styles. From pullovers to zip-ups, hoodies can change the aesthetic of any outfit. Soft cotton and cotton blends are the most common fabric for hoodies, no matter the current trend.


Cropped hoodies are very popular with tweens and teens! These shorter cuts of hoodies are stylish and pair well with jeans or joggers. For young girls, they come in relaxed but flattering fits that hit just above or at the hip. Cropped hoodies are available as either pullovers or zip-ups, but cropped styles don’t often feature kangaroo pockets. Classic kangaroo pockets are more practical for standard cut or oversized hoodies.

In a Nutshell

Young girls are eager to try out all the latest fashions. Our Downtown Hoodie ticks all the boxes for any popular trend–it’s comfortable, cozy, and comes in classic neutrals or exciting pink and purple. It’s the perfect piece to layer with any outfit so your daughter can feel confident expressing her personal style!