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Do Training Bras Need to Be Broken In?

Training brasare undergarments that are designed to provide coverage for a girl’s growing breast buds. They’re soft and lightweight and don’t provide the same amount of support as a regular bra, though they’re a great point of practice for when a young lady eventually transitions into an adult bra. 

A training bra only acts as an extra layer of cloth between a girl’s body and her clothing. Because they’re only really pieces of fabric, training bras don’t need to be broken in. Good training bras, like Yellowberry’s Pipit, Sky, and Ladybug bras, are comfortable right off the bat and can be worn as soon as they arrive..

What You Need to Know About Training Bras

Shopping for training bras can get overwhelming. Though they’re pretty straightforward, you’ll soon find yourself lost in an abundance of materials, styles, and sizes. Here’s what you should keep in mind when you’relooking at training bras for your daughter.


Training bras are often made out of cotton as it’s the softest and most breathable material–it’s the best choice for girls who are just starting out with their first bras. That said, there are training bras made out of other fabrics, as well. Seamless bras, for instance, are often made with a blend of spandex. When choosing a training bra for your daughter, be sure to pick a material she’s comfortable in. 


Training bras come in different styles, from triangle tops to racerbacks to crop tops. The most common one looks like a regular sports bra, and this is often the most recommended starter bra. But if your daughter feels like she’ll be happier with other styles, let her explore her options.


Comfort is the most important factor to consider when buying a training bra, and this often boils down to the fit. You want to find a training bra that hugs your daughter’s body without being too tight or too loose. You should also get one that doesn’t require any extra work to put on. Remember: training bras don’t need to be broken in–they should be ready to support your daughter right from the get-go.

How a Training Bra Should Fit

A training bra is much simpler than a standard bra. That said, it’s still imperative that you find one that fits just right on your daughter. A training bra should be snug around the torso and follow the natural curve of the body. It should stay in place after you adjust the straps; it shouldn’t move when your daughter does, especially when she twists her body or lifts her arms. 

Measuring Your Daughter’s Bra Size

To get a good-fitting training bra, you need to be able to measure your daughter’s bra size accurately. While a sales attendant can help you get her measurements at the store, it’s better to do the measuring at home to make the experience a little less awkward (she might not like other people prodding her).

To measure your daughter’s bra size, all you need is a tape measure. First, run the tape just below her breast, all the way around her rib cage, and back to measure her torso. Make sure the tap lays flat on her skin without digging into it or sagging too loosely. Add four to whatever measurement you get (in inches) and that’ll be her band size. It has to be an even number, so if you get an odd result, round up or down depending on the fit she wants (though it’s generally recommended to size down).

Next, run the tape measure along the fullest part of her breast, then subtract her torso size from this measurement. The difference will give you her cup size:

  • Less than one inch–AA
  • One inch–A
  • Two inches–B
  • Three inches–C
  • Four inches–D
  • Five inches–DD

Most training bras don’t use the same sizing guide as regular bras; they often measure as small, medium, or large. But to know which one to choose, you’ll likely need your daughter’s measurements in inches, as well, so measuring for her band and cup sizes are still good to do. Plus, it’s practice for when it’stime to replace her training bra and she has to measure for a standard bra later on!

The Best Ready-To-Wear Training Bras From Yellowberry

You must provide your daughter with the best-fitting training bras. Because they don’t need to be broken in, they have to be the perfect size from the get-go so that they can properly support and provide coverage for your daughter’s growing breasts. 

Yellowberry offers high-quality ready-to-wear training bras that will help your daughter feel amazing in her naturally changing body. Check out some great training bra choices today!