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When to Replace a Training Bra

Like most pieces of clothing,training brasneed to be replaced regularly. It’s recommended that you update your daughter’s top drawer basics every six to eight months or after about 180 uses. This time frame could be shorter or longer depending on factors like how many bras she has on rotation, how well she takes care of her undergarments, and how much her body changes during a certain amount of time.

How Long Is a Good Training Bra Supposed to Last?

A good training bra, such as Yellowberry’s Ladybug, Pipit, and Sky bras, should last between six months to a year. The more bras you have in rotation and the better you take care of them, the longer they will stay in great shape.

How Often Do Training Bras Need to Be Replaced?

Training bras need to be replaced every six to eight months or after about 180 wears. Many factors come into play in the lifespan of a bra. If your daughter has a large selection on rotation, then her training bras can go longer before they need to be replaced. But if her bras are starting to break down or feel uncomfortable, it’s best to change them as soon as possible.

How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Daughter’s Training Bra

While replacing a bra is often done because it’s worn out, you may also have to replace them if your daughter’s body or preferences have changed. Here are some signs to look out for that will tell you that you need to get your daughter a new set of training bras:

The Bra Is Uncomfortable

When a bra has outlived its utility, it becomes uncomfortable. If your daughter complains that her training bra doesn’t feel good on her body, then it’s probably time to retire the piece.

A bra can be uncomfortable when it already lacks coverage, her breasts don’t sit properly in the garment, or the fabric is pinching her skin.

The Straps Are Loose

Having to adjust your straps again and again just for your bra to sit right can get annoying, and if that keeps happening with your daughter and her training bras, then it’s likely that her pieces have lost elasticity and have become too stretched out. This should tell you that it’s time to head to Yellowberry for a new set of training bras.

The Fabric Has Broken Down

Signs of a worn-out bra include: wrinkling fabric, splitting seams, showing elastic, dull color, and non-elastic material. If your daughter’s bra has lost its structure, then it’s time to get her a new one.

Your Daughter Has Gained or Lost Weight

When your daughter gains or loses weight, her breast size also changes. So, when this happens, she’ll need to be fitted for a new bra because her old ones won’t fit her the way they used to.

Your Daughter’s Taste Has Changed

It’s important that your daughter feels comfortable and happy in her training bra as this will impact how she carries herself on the outside. As she grows, and especially at the peak of her puberty stage, she’ll likely grow out of certain styles and colors. When she changes her preferences, she might want to see it reflected on her clothing—including her training bras—as well.

How to Take Care of Training Bras

Here are some tips to help you make your daughter’s training bras last longer:

Wash Them Properly

Bras regularly need a good wash because they come in direct contact with your daughter’s skin–but just throwing them in the washer and dryer can break them down much more quickly. To make your daughter’s bras last longer, wash them by hand in cold water and let them air dry.

Rotate Several Bras a Week

The fewer bras your daughter uses, the sooner you’ll have to replace her rotation. It’s best to get her several pieces to start with; this gives her bras enough time to rest between uses, prolonging their lifespan. 

Do Regular Size Checks

Ill-fitting training bras will wear and tear much faster than good-fitting ones. Regularly check if your daughter’s bras fit her right to ensure that she’s comfortable. If she grows or loses weight, be ready to update her collection.

Replace Your Daughter’s Training Bras With Yellowberry

A high-quality training bra, like Yellowberry’s Ladybug, Pipit, and Sky bras, will help your daughter feel amazing in her own skin—while promising comfort that will last a long time before having to be replaced. Shop Yellowberry’s training bra bundles to give your daughter fun and comfortable training bras that she can rotate regularly every week!

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