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How To Fold Training Bras

Thebest training bras are subtle yet supportive, soft yet strong, and comfortable to wear throughout a busy day.

Many girls tuck a training bra into their sports bag, particularly if they only require that extra support during physical activity. The problem can be that if you'rebuying a training bra for your daughter for the first time, you don’t want her to encounter a crumpled ball at the bottom of her school bag when it’s time to change!

We’ll explain how to fold a training bra, and why non-padded, non-wired Yellowberry bras are an ideal option that retain their shape after every wash.

Tips for Folding Training Bras

A training bra designed specifically for tweens or teens is far easier to care for than adult bras with stiff cups, underwire, and easily creased fabrics. At Yellowberry, we create training bras with seamless styles, without padding or underwire, which simply isn't necessary or comfortable for younger, delicate skin. The easiest way to fold training bras is to:

  • Tuck all the straps inside the fabric
  • Fold the garment in half at the central point
  • Place the bra in a small underwear bag

Packing in a separate bag is particularly useful if you’re going on vacation or for overnight trips, as it stops straps from becoming knotted with each other if they are loose and rolling around in the bottom of a suitcase!

Our super-soft Pima cotton has a touch of stretch so it won't become baggy or unsupportive after washing or folding. For girls that need a little more support, the double-layered Poppy Seamless Bra is just as effective, with a four-way stretch that won’t show any wrinkles.

How to Wash and Store Training Bras

Convenience is king, and we appreciate that busy moms don’t have much time for ironing or hand-washing their daughter's training bras! All Yellowberry designs are machine washable and can be dried in a machine on a setting suitable for delicates or air-dried for extra freshness.

You'll find full care instructions inside our beautifully packaged bra sets, but the natural fibers and fabrics are meant for everyday life and don't require special dry cleaning. Eco-friendly detergents or gentle soaps are the best options, and all underwear should (in a perfect world) be washed in a soft laundry bag to avoid any damage caused by the machine.

Should I Machine Dry a Training Bra?

Machine drying is suitable for most designs. But, if possible, air drying is preferable because dryers can stretch and tug at fibers, and gradually mean the training bra begins to lose support–especially if dried on too high a heat. If you decide to line-dry or dry training bras on a clothes rail or rack, we'd  recommend you avoid handing them by the straps, which can lead to stretching.

The easiest way to ensure your daughter's cute training bras remain in pristine condition is to have a set or a few matching underwear sets and let her pick and choose what she feels like wearing. Having a few bras on rotation means each set will remain super-supportive while giving your daughter the choice of which colors, styles, or designs match her mood.