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When Should I Buy My Daughter a Training Bra?

Your daughter will always be your little girl–but at some point in her life, she’ll blossom into a young lady, and you must be still there to hold her hand along the way when she needs it. One of the first steps a girl takes towards womanhood is getting her first bra. 

But how do you know when it’s the right time to stock her top drawer up withtraining bras? The right time tobuy a training bra is during a girl’s puberty years, which range between the ages of eight and eleven. At this stage, your daughter will start exhibiting breast buds, which she may want to make subtle with a bra.

What Is a Training Bra?

This soft bra works to provide coverage or act as a barrier between your daughter’s growing breast buds and her clothing so that they become less visible from the outside. They’re lightweight and, unlike standard bras, often don’t offer much support; they’re more like extra layers of cloth that your daughter can put underneath her shirts. Still, they’re a good stepping stone before girls transition into wearing adult bras.

At What Age Do Girls Start Wearing a Training Bra?

Girls typically start wearing training bras between the ages of eight and eleven, sometimes even earlier (or later). This is when puberty starts, which means that your daughter will begin developing her breasts. As soon as she starts growing breast buds, which are small bumps below the nipples, she’ll need a training bra.

Your daughter may have to wear a training bra well into her teen years. Most, however, transition into wearing a standard bra once their breasts can fill a B-cup.

How to Know if Your Daughter Needs a Training Bra

Puberty is a confusing time, with lots of changes happening in your daughter’s body. So you must help her navigate through these events, especially if she’s not as proactive in addressing them herself. She might be unable to tell for herself when she needs a training bra, so you must recognize the signs and be ready to approach the topic with her when the time comes. Here are some ways you can tell that you need to take your daughter out for some training bra shopping:

She’s Developing Breast Buds

Breast buds are small bumps that appear under the nipples. As they develop, the nipples and areola will get darker and bigger, and perhaps even form a pointy shape. If you see breast buds poking through your daughter’s shirt, then it’s time to get her a training bra.

She’s Going Through Puberty

In some girls, other signs of puberty come out before they even start developing breasts. And once you see these, you might have to prepare for what’s to come. Some of the first tells of puberty include the growth of pubic hair, weight gain in the belly area, and menstruation.

She Asks for a Bra

Some girls want to wear bras before they really need one. This could be because their friends or older sisters are already wearing them or they already know what’s going to happen to their bodies and want to feel more prepared. If your daughter asks for a training bra a bit earlier than you expect, it might be good to get her one already, especially if it helps her feel more confident in her changing body.

Finding the Right Training Bra for Your Daughter

Finding the right training bra for your daughter is crucial to ensuring that she has a positive experience. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Choose the Best Fabric

Cotton is often the best starting point for training bras because they’re soft and breathable. A cotton training bra from Yellowberry will make her feel extra good and comfortable.

Find the Right Size

Wearing the wrong size bra can make a girl feel awkward, if not in pain or total discomfort. So, when you go and buy your daughter’s first training bra, make sure that you get her measurements right and find her a good-fitting bra.

Let Your Daughter Make the Decisions

Your daughter will be the one wearing the training bra, so you need to let her in on the decision-making. Ask her what she wants, and you’re both giving her bras that she’ll love and a good lesson on independence.

The Perfect Training Bras From Yellowberry

Your daughter deserves only the best—and Yellowberry can deliver high-quality training bras that will let your daughter feel comfy and confident in her own skin, ready to face the next stage of her life. Check out Yellowberry’s catalog of training bras today!

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