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What to Wear to Summer Camp

Oftentimes, you need to register your daughter for camp well in advance before it fills up, leaving lots of time (and maybe too much time) to think about which  girls' summer camp clothes you should buy for her. When considering the clothes your daughter will need for summer camp, keep in mind that she will spend a lot of time outside and likely be getting hot and sweaty on a daily basis.

For this reason, it's best to focus on ultra-comfy, light-colored  summer camp layering clothes in case the weather changes. She will also need well-fitting shoes, a swimsuit, and foul-weather protection.

It’s All About Being Comfortable and Prepared

Depending on where your daughter is going to camp and for how long, she’s bound to experience lots of different activities–and different weather. Make sure she has at least one clean t-shirt or tank top for each day of camp. Yellowberry is a great source of clothes made of breathable, lightweight materials perfect for outdoor activities.

For shorts, make sure they are easy to move around in. Many campers enjoy cargo shorts because they have lots of pockets. If your daughter prefers a more classic look, the soft cotton Midtown Short from Yellowberry is the way to go. Throw in a Shell Camisole, Uptown Jogger, and Downtown Hoodie, and she will have what she needs–regardless of any change in weather or if she goes outside in the evening.

For her feet, a comfortable pair of sneakers is perfect for hiking, playing games, sports, and other activities. A good pair of sandals that can be easily slipped on and off is recommended for trips to a lake or pool.

While we are on the topic of water, make sure to look at swimsuits that offer ultraviolet protection against the sun. Water shoes are also essential for walking on rocks along a river or a beach with hot sand.

A Few More Thoughts About Summer Camp Clothes

It’s worth asking if the camp is planning any special events that require more than shorts, t-shirts, and typical summer camp clothes for teenage girls. For example, camp might wrap up with a country-music hoedown that requires a flannel shirt and cowboy hat, or maybe it will be a simple going-away event where the girls will sign a white t-shirt with permanent markers. You might want to throw in a sundress or other outfit that she would enjoy for this last day, if she wants to wear something special. Just keep it simple and appropriate.

Wrapping Up

Your daughter will grow and flourish at camp. It is where she will learn new life skills, make new friends, and create lifelong memories!  Let Yellowberry help you find clothes that are comfortable, functional, and that your daughter will be thrilled to wear at camp.