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Best Brands for Girls Summer Camp Clothes

When your daughter heads off to summer camp, you want her to be comfortable and well-equipped. Steer toward the clothing brands you trust like Yellowberry, where you can find many essentials she will need during camp.

The camp should provide you with a list of suggested summer camp clothes for girls. They have likely been holding camps for years, and the list of  summer camp clothes options they send out is a great place to start.

In addition to everyday wear, they will include what’s needed for the planned hiking,  summer camp water activities, and evening festivities.

Everyday Summer Camp Needs

Yellowberry is the perfect place to stock up on summer camp essentials. Our Run Like a Girl t-shirt and Zip Legging are sure to be a hit, as will our Twistr seamless underwear, variety of stylish hybrid sports bras, and shell camisoles for layering and warmer weather.

With the new Yellowberry loungewear collection, you can find our super comfortable Midtown Short, Uptown Joggers, and Downtown Hoodies. These come in a wide assortment of colors, and the hoodies are perfect for cooler evenings and those occasional summer days in the woods.

It Can Get (Very) Wet at Camp

No one wants it to rain during summer camp, but the weather can be unpredictable. Make sure to have a rain jacket or poncho handy for these off-weather days. Throw a pair of water shoes in her bag, too. You can also find waterproof hikers (some are laced while others have a Velcro strip for ease of use) and slip-on/slip-off clogs if those are more your daughter’s style!

Get Ready for the Woods

A few essentials for spending time in the woods include trail shoes and lightweight pants, such as the Zip Legging, which can protect your daughter’s legs from scratches without overheating. A water-resistant backpack, sleeping bag, and tent may be necessary, too. Take the guesswork out of your preparations and ask the camp if you’re unsure what equipment they are providing and what she needs to bring. 

Sturdy footwear is also extremely important. Shoes should fit well, have good traction on the soles, and already be well worn in to avoid blisters. 

A durable pair of sneakers should do the trick, although some sturdy hiking books look more like athletic wear and are designed to handle more rugged hikes. Avoid flat, rubber-soled shoes that slip easily when there is water around (which there will be).

Final Thoughts

When selecting clothes for your daughter to wear at summer camp, remember that she will be running around with her friends and having fun. Make sure you send her off to camp in brands that are comfortable and can endure non-stop running, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and anything else your daughter’s counselors might have planned for her and her friends!