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Layering for Changing Weather at Summer Camp

We all know Mother Nature can be fickle. If your daughter will be spending time outdoors during summer camp, make sure she’s prepared for any unexpected changes in weather by finding cute summer camp outfits for girls that can easily be layered. This way, she will be comfortable at all times and can fully enjoy her samp experience!

Why Layer?

Layering different types of clothes will help your daughter stay dry and warm. Even though it is summertime, it can still get chilly outside in the evenings or when it's raining. During these times, your daughter should wear a base layer made of wicking material to stay dry and keep perspiration off her skin, a mid-layer of warmer material (such as a long-sleeve t-shirt) to stay warm, and a protective outer layer that repels water if it rains.

If the temperature drops, she can add another thick layer such as a Downtown Hoodie from Yellowberry. If the sun gets stronger and the temperature spikes, she can take layers off and wear our Shell Camisole on its own. These camis are thicker than most, have built-in bra shelves, and come in blue, white, hot pink, and soft pink so she will be comfortable wearing them all day long.

While layering works well in keeping the core warm, don’t forget her head, legs, arms, and feet if the weather turns for the worse. Consider a baseball cap or bandana for the head, long pants or our Hoop Leggings for the legs, long sleeves for the arms, and sturdy, comfortable shoes for the feet.

Consider Camp Activities When Selecting Layers

In addition to weather, what your daughter will be doing at camp may impact the type of layers she should bring. For example, is tossing water balloons a common activity at the end of the day? In this case, she will need a bathing suit and water shoes–and a handy pair of Uptown Joggers and her Downtown Hoodie to throw on when the games are done so she doesn’t start shivering.

Will they be doing overnight camping in tents or cabins? Riding horses or mountain bikes? Making  summer camp jewelry in the outdoor craft area? Depending on where the camp is located, nights might get a bit chilly and require an extra layer–even when sitting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows.

Yellowberry Puts Girls First

In addition to comfortable underwear and undergarments, Yellowberry’s new line of loungewear is where you should start looking for  summer camp clothes options your daughter can layer during summer camp. We also carry additional accessories she might need, such as Sweetberry Headbands, a Yellowberry notebook for journaling about her experiences, and much more!