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What Sizes Do Training Bras Come In?

Choosingtraining bras for girls can be difficult if you're unsure of the right sizing or don't know your daughter's measurements! You’ll find a convenient size guide on each of Yellowberry’s product pages to help you work out which size is the perfect fit, including comparable clothing sizes if you don’t have a tape measure to hand.

Our extensive ranges mean your daughter never needs to worry about  when to stop wearing training bras, with everything from first bras for younger girls to more sophisticated underwear for older teens.

Training Bra Size Guides

Let’s start by explaining how sizing works! If your little one is wondering  how to ask her mom for a training bra, it might be a great idea to know what size she needs to help her order the correct fit.

Some manufacturers use standard clothing sizes for training bras, but the issue is that girls develop at completely different paces. If your daughter is more developed, she might find that a bra labeled as her clothing size is too tight or digs in at the shoulders. Likewise, a bra that is too loose won't provide adequate support.

Yellowberry training bras come in seven sizes. Our adjustable straps and hybrid training bras are versatile and have just the ideal amount of stretch to move and adjust if she’s a little in between. Our tip is always to size up if she’s in the middle of two sizes–this ensures the bra won’t feel tight and uncomfortable.

Picking the Correct Size Training Bra

The underbust is taken from the ribs just underneath the chest, and the overbust is the widest part of the chest. By taking a couple of quick measurements, you'll be able to order a training bra with confidence.

XS is our smallest size and fits an underbust of twenty-four to twenty-six inches and an overbust of twenty-five to twenty-nine inches. Sizes progress upward, with 2X fitting an underbust of thirty-eight inches and an overbust of thirty-nine to forty inches.

We also include standard sizing from eight to twenty-two, so if you can't measure for any reason, you'll still have a rough idea of the appropriate size. However, that's an indication, as we recognize bodies come in every size and shape!

Why Is Sizing Important for Training Bras?

Finding the right size can make a profound difference in your daughter's experience. If her first training bra feels uncomfortable, baggy, or too tight, it can feel awkward, embarrassing, and even sore where fabric digs into her young skin. The last thing a teen girl wants is to spend her day tugging and adjusting her bra–it should be light and barely there, so she can forget all about her underwear and concentrate on more important things!

It's also important to have the correct sizing to ensure your daughter can breathe easily, with coverage and support for sports and other activities. Here are some quick tips to make sure you find the optimal fit:

  • Ask your daughter to practice taking her bra on and off–is it easy? Does it get stuck? Does she find it hard to slide the straps off her shoulders?
  • How does it feel to wear? Is she conscious of her bra, or is it light enough that she doesn’t remember she’s wearing it?

Taking the time to measure is worthwhile and will ensure your daughter is happy, relaxed, and comfortable with a well-fitting training bra to keep her supported.