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How to Ask Your Mom for a Training Bra Without Making Things Awkward

Deciding that it’s time to start buying  training bras might be exciting or a little nerve-wracking, but if your mom hasn’t set things in motion, a gentle nudge could be in order! The best approach is usually a simple conversation, which is a great opportunity to ask for advice about training bra sizes, decide which styles and colors match your personality, or browse cute underwear sets together.

We’ll run through some tips about starting the discussion and making the right selection of underwear that will keep you supported, comfy, and confident.

Navigating Conversations About Training Bras

Many of us feel awkward talking about our bodies, growing up, and hitting that stage where a bra is necessary. Change and growth are a natural part of life, and it's 100% something your mom, aunt, big sisters, or other relatives have experienced first-hand!

Reasons You May Need a First Training Bra

There are tons of reasons you'd like a training bra, and you don't necessarily need to wait until your body begins developing; other considerations might include the following:

  • Wanting to stay covered up when changing for sports
  • Looking for coverage under clothes
  • Needing a bra to feel secure and carefree during a busy school day

Fortunately, most moms are amazing and will spring into action, unless they're already prepared and have a few training bras ready to go!

Some parents might potentially be reluctant to buy a first training bra, but that’s usually got more to do with nostalgia and watching you grow up. Remember that moms, in particular, can feel emotional when their ‘baby girl’ becomes a tween or teen, and it's a feeling packed with love!

However, don't feel you need to hold back–a parent will sympathize and be there to support you at every stage of life.

When to Speak to Your Mom About Buying a Bra

Personal conversations are normally best in-person rather than via text or messenger. If you are nervous or anxious, you can always ask your mom when a good time would be to talk.

Most families eat dinner around the table, and it's a great time to chat. Still, if you have siblings there or want a quiet time when you can talk without worrying about being overheard, asking for a few minutes when your mom can give you her complete attention is best.

Not sure what sort of training bra you need? Try browsing training bras and matching sets together; that way, your mom gets the chance to share her advice and can ensure you choose the right sizing and support.

For moms–if you’re thinking about  buying a training bra for your daughter, we’d recommend an informal, relaxed chat over a hot chocolate; never leave it to her to ask if you know she’s on the shy side.