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When Should a Girl Stop Wearing Training Bras?

Yellowberry training bras come in a wide range of sizes, support options, and strap designs. As your daughter grows, she will naturally transition from first training bras, such as our popular Ladybug bra!

If your daughter’s training bra is slightly tight, we’d recommend re-measuring and checking if you're buying the correct training bra sizes as a first step. Our handy size guide provides clear measurements to help you pick the right options!

However, is there an age at which a girl should progress from training bras to adult underwear? How do you know when to switch from a training bra to one with cups?

What Ages Are Training Bras Suitable For?

Training bras come in comprehensive sizes for a reason! We're all different heights, shapes, and sizes, and there isn't one-size-fits-all–nor is there a specific age we should start or stop wearing training bras.

The real questions are about comfort:

  • Which bra is your daughter most comfortable and confident in? 
  • Is she getting the right support from her training bra? 
  • Is it worth considering a design like the Sky Bra with added support for sports?

Can adults wear training bras? Absolutely. Many women prefer the subtle support and whisper-light comfort of a training bra, and there is a growing trend to forgo underwire and stiff padding that feel restrictive and cause blisters and rubbing.

In fact, training bras can be an ideal alternative to a cupped bra, depending on your personal preferences, at any age. Our Poppy Seamless Bra comes in cup sizes from A to D, with convertible straps, double-layered fabric, and antimicrobial performance for all-day support and freshness.

What Is the Difference Between a Training Bra and a Cup Bra?

Conventional training bras are basic, with simple fabrics that provide coverage but little in the way of support. A standard training bra differs from a cup bra because it doesn’t support the chest and usually only goes up to a certain size.

Cup bras vary enormously, from t-shirt bras to wireless, balcony bras to bralette tops, but sizing can be difficult to get right. If the cup size is fractionally too big or small, it can quickly become distractingly uncomfortable. Yellowberry produces training bras specifically made for tweens and teens–although, as we’ve mentioned, there are no age restrictions here, and we cater to a complete sizing range!

The difference is that you get the support, adjustable straps, skin-friendly fabrics, and smooth, discreet appearance of a cup bra, minus the wires and padding that aren’t necessary for young skin and developing bodies.

Choosing a Great Training Bra for More Developed Girls

Everybody grows at their own pace, and if your daughter is more developed, there is no pressure to move onto a cupped bra if she isn't ready or simply prefers the convenience and comfort of a training bra.

Our Lily Bra is a fantastic option, providing additional stretch, definition, and support with a cool matte brushed finish for extra style points. The Joey Bra is another top-selling bra, with a more mature design and eye-clasp closure but with the lightness and breathable fabrics we specialize in. This style eliminates the need for padding but provides complete coverage.

Whichever bra you go for, there are no right or wrong preferences, and the priority should always be to pick underwear that helps your daughter feel confident, comfortable, and ready for her day!