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Usage of Demoted Casual Clothes as Loungewear

Girls’ loungewear has been around for decades. Casual, super comfortable clothing was originally intended for use only around the home. These days, the lines have been blurred, as lifestyles have shifted more and more to all-day comfort.

Your daughter likely has similar ideas about style and wants to wear loungewear while playing outside, hanging around with friends, going to school, and around the house on lazy days at home.

A small piece of advice: don’t fight this. Let her join in the casual lifestyle trend. 

Go Shopping in Her Closet

As a parent, girls’ clothing preferences can be baffling. Many parents get tired of seeing their kids in the same clothes day after day despite having a closet-full of options to choose from. Using demoted clothes as loungewear can help solve the challenge of finding specific types of sleepwear and loungewear your daughter will like.

When evaluating pieces that can be used as loungewear, remember that your daughter will need items suitable for both warm and cold weather. For example, an oversized t-shirt and loose-fitting shorts may be perfect for the summer, whereas a cozy, old hoodie and sweatpants will be better for the winter. 

Yellowberry has introduced a new line of loungewear, so you can order some Uptown Joggers or Midtown Shorts if what you’re finding in your daughter’s existing collection is not quite up to snuff or if certain garments should be paired with something new.

What Qualifies as Loungewear

T-shirts, leggings, joggers, cardigans, and camis are a great place to start when demoting-promoting older clothes. Surely, you will find some clothes that have seen better days when they are pilling, losing their shape, or fading after a lot of washing and wearing. These items are perfect for sitting around the table for a leisurely weekend breakfast.

While some people wear casual clothes to bed, there is no replacement for good sleepwear that helps with sleep. Try to keep her sleepwear separate from her loungewear.

Loungewear Is Here to Stay

Fashion is a reflection of culture, and loungewear is an integral part of today’s casual lifestyle. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort–your daughter can have both when it comes to her loungewear collection. 

Rather than secretly hauling off bags of well-worn clothes to donate when your daughter isn’t home, embrace the idea that the life of some of her favorite pieces could be extended by reusing them as loungewear. Of course, if it’s time for some new cozy items to pair with what she already has–or if she just needs a loungewear upgrade altogether–Yellowberry has you covered. Check out our selection of high-quality loungewear today!