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Challenges in Finding Specific Types of Sleepwear

Girls and tweens can be very particular about their clothing. You might not be surprised that their sometimes unpredictable fashion sense often rolls over to sleepwear and loungewear for girls.

This can make shopping for sleepwear challenging. You don’t want to buy pajamas that you think are adorable, only to find out she thinks they’re for little kids. If this happens, it might take her a while to trust your clothing selections again!

Fashion Doesn’t Rest

Girls–particularly those in the tween phase–can be hard to please. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for everyone, and their tastes and attitudes toward clothing can swing back and forth rapidly.

That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for finding age-appropriate sleepwear for your growing girl.

She Needs to Be Comfortable

First and foremost, nightwear needs to be comfortable to wear and sleep in. Your daughter is going to want her pajamas to be soft and breathable. Avoid polyester and other synthetic materials–natural fibers are a much better option. Cotton is generally considered the best material for kids and adults. It comes in a range of weaves and weights, from poplin for the summer to flannel for winter.

Not only is cotton perfect for any season, but your daughter won’t overheat when wearing breathable cotton pajamas. If it’s a particularly chilly night, she can layer with a Jane Classic Everyday Cotton Camisole for Girls for added warmth. These camisoles from Yellowberry are tagless and a fantastic option for anyone with sensitive skin.

When shopping for sleepwear, make sure there are no pieces of elastic, snaps, embroidering, or other details that can dig into her skin or that she might roll onto during the night. The importance of sleepwear for sensory issues can’t be understated if your daughter is sensitive to these things. You want her to get a good night’s sleep so that she’s ready to face the next day with a smile.

Pajama Separates Versus Sets

When you buy pajamas for your daughter, don’t be surprised if she mixes and matches the tops and bottoms into unique combos! If she’s more into oversized sleep shirts, suggest a pair of Yellowberry Uptown Joggers to wear underneath until she’s ready to climb into bed.

She might also reach for an old t-shirt for bedtime, but there are differences between dedicated loungewear versus old clothes. If your daughter insists on sleeping in her favorite battered t-shirt, tuck a couple of pairs of our Midtown Shorts into her drawer.

Pajama sets can add an air of sophistication to nighttime outfits. They come in a wide variety of materials and prints, so you are sure to find something that captures your daughter’s personality–and, as an added benefit, they can be worn around the house on those lazy Sunday afternoons at home.

Comfortable Confidence

Making sure your daughter is comfortable and stylish in her sleepwear will boost her confidence and mood, whether she is lounging around at home or having a sleepover at a friend’s house. For the highest-quality loungewear and sleepwear sure to make any girl feel great, check out Yellowberry’s wide selection today!