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Importance of Fabric and Fit In Loungewear

Your daughter may want to wear her comfy girls' loungewear around the house, while running around the neighborhood with friends, to school, or even when she goes to bed. This is why it’s important to pay close attention to the style and comfort of loungewear, as well as how the items fit her. 

Whether it’s a pair of shorts and a camisole or joggers and a hoodie, there might be more to loungewear purchasing decisions than you think.

A Great Fit Is Vital

It’s important to know your daughter’s size before buying her any clothing. Be sure to check out Yellowberry’s sizing chart, as sizes are not always the same between brands.

Also, look closely at how the loungewear you’re considering is made. Are there any buttons, zippers, embroidering, or other items that might irritate her skin? Double-check that the pants aren’t cut in a way that will bother her. Do they sit too high on her waist, or will they slip down too far on her hips?

Characteristics of Fabrics Found in Loungewear

When you check loungewear tags, you may not always be familiar with the different materials and how they can impact price, durability, and comfort. Here are some characteristics to keep in mind so you make an informed decision and get what’s best for your daughter:

  • Cotton: This is one of the most popular materials found in loungewear. It is a natural plant fiber well known for comfort, durability, and breathability. Cotton tends to get softer the more it’s washed, but it also wrinkles easily and can shrink in hot water, which is why it is often blended with polyester or spandex. 

It is versatile, comes in various weights and weaves, and can be worn close to the skin. If your daughter sweats easily, look for loungewear made of cotton. 

  • Jersey: This is a lightweight, super-soft cotton blend.
  • Terry: This is a soft, mid-weight, wrinkle-resistant fabric perfect for in between seasons. French terry is thicker and has a knit-like texture. 
  •  Polyester: This is a more affordable and durable fabric that resists wrinkling and shrinking. It is often blended with natural fibers to add these characteristics to the fabric, but it doesn’t breathe well. 
  • Rayon (also called ‘viscose’): This synthetic material is made from wood pulp. It is a breathable and absorbent material that doesn’t cling like polyester and has a silky appearance. Rayon requires gentle washing because it is less durable, shrinks when washed in hot water, and is prone to pilling. It is often mixed with cotton or spandex to offset these drawbacks.
  • Spandex: This is a stretchy synthetic material often found in form-fitting loungewear. It is super comfortable and easy to move around in, but is less breathable than cotton and can lose its elasticity if not cared for properly.
  • Modal: This is a soft, semi-synthetic material made from beech trees. Modal is breathable and doesn’t shrink, cling to the body, or fade. It is less expensive than some other fabrics but is prone to pilling and can lose its softness over time.
  • Flannel and fleece: These materials are good choices during cold weather, although fleece is sometimes made with polyester. Flannel is a brushed cotton that is both soft and insulating. 

Wrapping Up

Your daughter will love the fit and feel of Yellowberry Uptown Joggers, Downtown Hoodies, and soft camisoles. We also emphasize the importance of buying good sleepwear that helps with sleep.Cheek out the Yellowberry Loungewear collection today!