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Types of Loungewear: Your Guide to Ultimate Comfort and Style

As you’re navigating the (sometimes confusing) world of girls’ fashion in the twenty-first century, you’ll notice that baggy, comfortable clothes are popular right now. This type of clothing is called ‘loungewear.’

When shopping for girls’ loungewear, you may not realize that there are different kinds to choose from. Each type has its own unique look, and they can all be worn in different ways.

Let’s explore the different types of loungewear and how your daughter can wear them. After all,  knowinghow to look good in loungewear is important!

Is Sleepwear the Same as Loungewear?

There’s a difference between loungewear and sleepwear–loungewear can be worn outside, but sleepwear can’t. That being said, your daughter can wear both loungewear and sleepwear to bed.

Loungewear is known for being transitional, meaning she can hop out of bed wearing the same clothes she slept in and still look put-together!

Examples of Loungewear

Here are some clothing items that qualify as loungewear:


Sweatpants are a popular type of loungewear that can be worn both indoors and outdoors. A pair of cozy, knit sweatpants make the perfect loungewear bottoms!


Leggings are another popular form of loungewear. They come in solid colors and in fun prints; you can even find leggings lined with fleece that can be worn in the winter, too.

However, your daughter’s school may not allow her to wear leggings as pants, so be sure to check with her dress code policy before sending her to school in them.


Hoodies serve as both loungewear and outerwear. Like sweatpants, hoodies come in a variety of styles! A light, knit hooded sweater is a popular loungewear choice.

Slouchy Sweaters

A comfy, slouchy sweater is another go-to loungewear choice, especially when it comes to pairing one with a set of cozy matching pants. These sets are often knitted to make them as comfortable as possible when hanging out around the house.


Camis work as both sleepwear and loungewear, making them a versatile addition to your daughter’s wardrobe. They’re typically plain, but come in a wide variety of colors–making them easy to pair with any loungewear pants your daughter prefers!


This two-part outfit consists of sweatpants and a matching jacket that usually has a front zipper. Usually, tracksuits are worn by athletes, but your daughter may want to wear them for gym class, on a walk outside, or to the grocery store with you.

How to Style Loungewear

Here are some tips to help your daughter look her best in her comfy clothes:

Keep It Monochrome

Loungewear looks best when the top and bottoms are the same color. Monochrome palettes differentiate styled loungewear from ‘I just rolled out of bed’ clothes.

Add Nice Shoes

Whether they’re cute, strappy sandals or bright-white sneakers, pairing loungewear with stylish shoes is a great way to elevate the look. The right accessories can also make the outfit look a bit more intentional.

Throw on a Coat

Add a coat to a matching set of sweats to make loungewear look a bit less casual. This works especially well for winter days, when the weather may call for thicker tops and heavy coats. Choose a coat in a fun color or print to take this look a step further!

Girls’ Camis For Loungewear Looks

Loungewear is versatile, comfortable, and even fashionable, so it’s no wonder why so many teen and preteen girls love it! To get started with updating your daughter’s wardrobe, pick out a few camisoles for her to wear–camis make a great and easy top to pair with loungewear pants!

Yellowberry’s camisole selection includes a variety styles and colors, so your daughter can easily find the perfect ones for her loungewear sets. Check out our selection today for the perfect, cozy camis!