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Swimsuit Styles for Summer Camp

When packing summer camp clothes for teenage girls, don’t get overwhelmed by the different swimsuit styles available. Some girls are more comfortable in a one-piece swimsuit, while others prefer a two-piece style. From bikinis to tankinis and swim skirts or shorts, there are plenty of swimsuit styles to suit the tastes of any girl.  Don’t forget to also check for rash guards to protect your daughter’s skin from the abrasive sun and sand.

As you help your daughter get ready, you’ll want to be sure she has something comfortable to slip into after a day of swimming or water sports. There’s nothing comfortable about sitting in soaked clothes! 

Loungewear sets are perfect  summer camp accessories for any girl to change into after a day of sun. Our lightweight Downtown Hoodies, Uptown Joggers, Midtown Shorts, and Shell Camisoles come in mix-and-match colors and are the ultimate in comfort. 

Choosing the Right Swimsuit Style for Your Daughter

Every girl should have a swimsuit that fits her well and makes her feel at ease while showing off her personality. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing swimwear for your daughter:

  • Age: The appropriate style may vary depending on your daughter’s age. Younger girls and tweens may be more comfortable in one-piece swimsuits or tankinis for better coverage and support. Older girls may lean towards bikinis or other styles that let them express their personality.
  • Comfort level: Prioritize your daughter's comfort when selecting a swimsuit. Double-check that the fabric is soft, breathable, stretchy, and quick-drying to prevent discomfort or irritation. Options with adjustable straps and elastic waistbands can add an extra layer of comfort, too.
  • Activities: What water activities will your daughter be participating in this summer? For active water sports or swimming lessons, opt for athletic swimsuits that fit securely and are designed for utmost support. If your daughter is spending more time lounging by the pool, however, you can look for options that are more stylish and comfortable than practical.

All of these factors can help you make a decision that helps your daughter feel confident, comfortable, and eager for summer camp adventures. Plus, when making this decision together, you empower her to find and express her personal preferences and style.

Trends in Swimwear

Teens and girls are all about staying on top of fashion trends, and swimwear is no different. These days, more and more girls are turning toward bright colors, fun patterns, and comfy fabrics.

Our favorite trend for your daughter is wearing something that makes her feel like she can take on the world. Yellowberry believes that this doesn’t have to come from what’s trending–whatever feels right to her is the best trend there is.

Yellowberry Summer Camp Essentials

Your daughter is sure to make waves this summer with her Yellowberry outfits! Before she dives in, pack comfy, post-swim essentials. Made with high-quality, soft materials, you really can’t go wrong with a classic, basic hoodie-and-shorts combo in the colors she loves best.

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