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DIY Summer Camp T-Shirts

Are you trying to figure out what to pack for your daughter for summer camp? Finding cute summer camp outfits for girls can be a great way for you two to bond. Every girl needs  summer camp swimsuits for those days in the sun and sand, but even more important are clothing basics that are comfy, lightweight, and easy to change into after a long day.

Your daughter’s summer camp outfit choices can be a way to show off her personality with her favorite colors, styles, patterns, and more. To really make an outfit her own, she can also try her hand at do-it-yourself (DIY) summer clothes decorated with iron-on patches, paint, or tie-dye designs. Our loungewear collection is full of mix-and-match colored basics that are also easy to customize with our favorite Yellowberry patches or fabric paint and dye.

Design Ideas for T-Shirts

Designing custom summer camp clothing opens up a world of creative possibilities. Is your daughter into nature? Does she like flowers or bold patterns? The options for customization are endless. To stay with the summer camp theme, consider incorporating camp-inspired elements like campfires, tents, stars, and wildlife. 

Even if they aren’t headed to camp together, a DIY summer camp design party is a creative way to get your tween and her friends to build camaraderie and get amped about the summer adventures to come. Ironing on patches or tie-dying clothes together creates new memories ahead of an exciting summer. Let your daughter mix and match different design elements to make something her own.

Crafting and Customization Styles and Techniques

A plain t-shirt, cami, or hoodie is a blank canvas for any tween’s self-expression and creativity. There are so many ways to transform these ordinary items into personalized masterpieces. 

Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Embroidery and iron-on patches: These options can take her tee to new heights by adding elements of texture and dimension. Yellowberry star, flower, and heart iron-ons are a quick and easy way to apply colorful graphics and designs to clothes. Embroidery can add a more artisanal touch, too.
  • Tie-dye: With a tie-dyed piece of clothing, every twist and turn results in a unique burst of color. Any girl can combine her favorite colors to create something vibrant and special.
  • Fabric paint: Fabric paints and markers allow girls to make more intricate designs. There are endless bold colors and subtle embellishments to explore to reflect summer camp experiences.

Summer Camp Souvenirs

DIY clothes like tees and hoodies make amazing summer camp souvenirs. These items serve as reminders of cherished memories and encapsulate the spirit of adventure and friendship during those days away from home.

Whether it’s a handmade, beaded friendship bracelet exchanged with a new friend or a custom tee, these souvenirs will hold a special place in your daughter’s heart. Memories made at summer camp can shape identities and forge a sense of community that lasts years beyond the campgrounds. 

It’s important to have keepsakes that reflect those special moments. Don’t forget to check out our  summer camp laundry tips to ensure these creations stay as good as new.

Elevating Basics With Yellowberry

At Yellowberry, we love a blend of color and simplicity. Our basics come in color options that are easy to customize for summer camp fun.

All of our clothes are high-quality and made with amazing soft cotton that is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time–mix and match colors for some added fun. We know your daughter will feel cozy and confident in our loungewear this summer camp season!