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Summer Camp Accessories for Girls

Every parent knows that packing for summer camp means serious prioritizing. You’ll often be limited to one bag for clothes, toiletries, gadgets, and games, so having a checklist to work from is a great idea.

The ideal strategy is to choosesummer camp clothes for girls that are lightweight, easy to fold, and can be coordinated together–packing a streamlined set of mix-and-match garments in high-quality cotton that won't be creased when unpacked is essential.

From there, you'll need to think about those all-important accessories. Our tip is to check the summer camp guidance beforehand to see what items they require all children to bring and what they don't allow. For example, many camps have strict rules on cell phone use.

What Accessories Do Kids Need to Bring to Summer Camp?

Our biggest summer camp essential is bedding. While camps always provide beds and linen within their accommodation, many children want to personalize their sleeping space or rely on home comforts to help them relax and wake up refreshed for a new day of adventure.

A squishy teddy or pillow is a great idea, doubling up as a snuggle buddy. If your daughter finds it hard to sleep, you may consider packing a silk eye mask that won't irritate her skin, a pair of super-soft sleep socks, and a book or tablet loaded with her favorite stories.

Sunproof Hats and Raincoats

The weather can be unpredictable, so along with comfy clothes, swimwear, sneakers, and hiking shoes, you'll need to pack some high-SPF sunscreen and a sun hat for outdoor activities. A refillable water bottle is also a great idea, so your daughter can refill it each day and have a water supply always on hand.

Camps often have spare raincoats, but packing your own will ensure your child isn’t caught in a downpour. Adding a pair of sunglasses and a small battery-operated fan will help take the edge off the heat when the sun is shining.

Personal Accessories

Most kids have an incredible time at summer camp and have little time to spend on hair and makeup. While toiletries are essential, you can also provide some great parental tips on braiding hair, using water-absorbent hair ties after swimming, and using dry shampoo for days when your child is having so much fun she doesn't want to wash, dry, and style it.

For older girls and teens, a pot of SPF lip balm, waterproof mascara, and SPF-tinted moisturizer should ensure they feel relaxed, confident, and happy.

A stash of extra hair ties, a good quality hairbrush, and pins for girls with longer hair are always handy, along with a headband to keep your daughter’s hair out of her face during more adventurous events such as hiking or kayaking.

If the camp is somewhere warm, it’s also worth packing plenty of bug repellent or stickers infused with repellent spray–these can make a huge difference during overnight camping trips or when your daughter is attending a camp close to water where mosquitoes are inevitable.

Entertainment to Pack for Summer Camp

We've talked about books or a tablet, and it's a good idea to pack a few things your daughter can do during quieter evenings. Board games are a brilliant way to make friends and socialize, and a travel-size game or pack of cards will slot neatly into a bag without taking up lots of space.

Other items we’d suggest include:

  • A camera so your daughter can take plenty of pictures to share with you when she’s home (you can also print these out and make a memory book as a keepsake)
  • Cash or a prepaid card, depending on the arrangement at the camp (some camps allow parents to pay for items online or prepay for purchases at a camp store; others limit the amount of cash each child can bring)
  • A small backpack for days out (your daughter can pop her water bottle, hat, packable raincoat, and other items in a bag and make the most of the day without going back to her room often)
  • A diary, notebook, or sketch pad to help capture the best moments

If your daughter loves to keep her hands busy, you might also consider packing a fidget toy or embroidery thread for friendship bracelets, so she'll always have something fun to do or share with her new friends!