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Summer Camp Outfits for Water Activities

Is your daughter looking to make a splash this summer camp season? There’s nothing like some good old fun in the sun, swimming in a pool with friends, and lounging by a lake. It’s also important for her to be prepared by packing the rightgirls’ summer camp clothes for whatever the day may throw her way.

What will make her experience go swimmingly? As part of our summer camp packing tips, we suggestquick-dry swimwear, comfortable, dry clothes to change into, sun protection, headbands, and hats as just a few of the necessities for water activities.

At Yellowberry, we have many options for girls' summer camp clothes, especially for those diving into their summer camp experience headfirst and making waves with their friends in the water. 

Packing Water Activity Basics

To get ready for summer camp, you want to pack the essentials for any water activities. Purchasing and packing appropriate swimwear is one of the most important things to pay attention to before you send your daughter on her way. Swimsuits should be well-fitted so she can easily move in the water, and rash guards can help protect your daughter’s skin from the sun and ensure she is comfortable throughout each activity. 

Quick-dry clothing is essential to avoid irritation from being wet too long. These items are designed to help campers feel dry and comfortable during and after water-based adventures while reducing the chances of chafing. Options like our Midtown and Rozie Shorts and Shell Camisoles are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to transition into without feeling weighed down.

Must-Have Water Accessories

Having the right accessories can make any summer camp experience even better. For example, your daughter may benefit from having Tweetberry Headbands to keep the hair out of her eyes while outside. Water shoes are also vital to protecting feet from sharp objects in the water and hot sand.

For ultimate sun protection, pack plenty of sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and a hat or two to avoid harsh rays and keep the sun at bay. No one wants to run the risk of a sunburn.

A few other must-have accessories include a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated all day, a waterproof bag or pouch to protect personal belongings, and a mesh bag for wet clothes. With these accessories, campers can fully embrace and confidently enjoy water activities. Both weather and water can be unpredictable, but you can equip your daughter for whatever the elements have in store with these simple tips.

Yellowberry Must-Have Gear for the Water

Yellowberry has a wide selection of must-have summer camp essentials that combine comfort, function, and style. Our cozy hoodies are perfect for layering over any swimsuit, while our camisoles and shorts are ideal for lounging by the water. We want campers to look and feel amazing throughout their aquatic adventures. 

Our clothing, including bras and underwear, is made from high-quality materials designed with your daughters’ confidence and comfort in mind. Our attention to detail ensures our summer camp essentials can withstand outdoor adventures while keeping campers feeling confident and carefree!