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How to Pack for Summer Camp

With the summer fast approaching, it’s almost time for your daughter to head out on summer camp adventures in the great outdoors and spend her days full of laughter and endless memories. As you get ready to send her off, you’ll want to make note of thesummer camp essentials for girls

Packing comfy bras, underwear, and loungewear will prepare your daughter for the best summer camp experience possible. Because space is limited, you’ll want to pack only the things she will need during her time at camp.

At Yellowberry, we recognize it’s important to feel confident yet comfortable, especially when exploring the outdoors and bonding with friends. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you pack for summer camp.

The Essentials

Choose bras and underwear for your daughter’s summer camp experience that are comfortable and functional. Our Tink Hybrid Sports Bras are made from breathable materials that provide plenty of support for high-energy activities like hiking and relay races. 

When it comes to underwear, look for soft-fabric options like our Simple Pima Cotton Underwear, so she feels fresh and comfortable throughout the hot days. Buying multipack options is convenient and ensures she has enough pairs to last the duration of camp. If she’s at summer camp for more than a week, give her some  summer camp laundry tips to keep her clothes clean.

Picking the right bras and underwear will help her feel more confident, comfortable, and ready for whatever summer camp adventures await.

Mix-and-Match Basics

We love a good mix-and-match moment. Packing a collection of basics is ideal for any summer camp wardrobe, offering versatility and comfort for a wide variety of activities. Basics like our Downtown Hoodies, Uptown Joggers, Shell Camisoles, and Midtown Shorts are easy to change into after a day of  summer camp water activities

When your daughter is looking for a cute, comfy outfit to cozy up in after a long day outside, Yellowberry has what you want. Our hoodies and joggers, for example, provide extra warmth during those cool evenings and early mornings. Their shorts and camisoles are perfect for more active daytime adventures. 

The beauty of these basics is how effortless it is to mix and match them to fit the vibe of the moment. A few of these key pieces make multiple outfits, so they’re excellent choices to pack for summer camp. Packing these essentials ensures your daughter is stylish, comfy, and ready for whatever activities are on her summer camp itinerary. 

Stay Organized. Make a Checklist!

With how busy life can be, it’s easy to forget things when you pack. By making a checklist, you can avoid missing items and prepare your daughter for a smooth, stress-free summer camp experience. 

What should be on the list? Clothing, toiletries, personal items, and whatever else she may need. Send the checklist with her, so she can be sure to bring all these items home.

Organization keeps you on track and makes it easy for her to pack and unpack once she’s arrived at camp. Labeling clothing items with your daughter’s name or packing undergarments in separate plastic bags can also help avoid any mix-ups at camp and keep your daughter’s belongings with her the whole time. 

Yellowberry Essentials

At Yellowberry, we have what your daughter needs for a successful summer camp experience. Our bras and underwear are high-quality, full-coverage, and comfortable for those long days in the sun. Our loungewear comes in a variety of colors, perfect to showcase your daughter’s personality. It’ll keep her feeling confident and cozy while making memories with her summer camp besties!