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Packing for Summer Camp

Deciding what to pack for your daughter before she heads to summer camp can be tricky! On one hand, you want to ensure she has everything she could need, with plenty of comfy camp outfit ideas–but you also have limited space.

Our advice would be to pack a range of mix-and-match basics with one special outfit as most camps will have a celebration night or dance. Packing travel-size toiletries can save room, and we've included a list of suggestions below as a quick and easy checklist.

The key tip is to think about how long camp will last and to pack sunscreen and a raincoat so your child will have a fantastic time–whatever the weather.

What Clothes Do Kids Need for Summer Camp?

If you have only one camping bag or suitcase, you need to be selective. Choosing lightweight  girls’ summer camp clothes, a swimsuit, flip-flops, sneakers, and hiking boots will cover all the bases.

Our newly curated selection of Summer Camp Essentials is an ideal place to shop, with everything from cute, everyday camisoles and comfortable, supportive bras to joggers, hoodies, and summer shorts.

Top Summer Camp Clothing Picks

Along with a number of shorts, camisoles, and tees, we always suggest packing hoodies and joggers. Even in the height of summer, the evenings get cool, and it's not so much fun sitting around the campfire when there’s a cold chill. Camps often recommend loose, comfortable jogging bottoms because mosquitoes and other pests come out during the early evening, and joggers can keep bug bites at bay.

It’s also worth considering one or two plain white tees or camisoles. Many camps encourage the children to decorate their own tops to participate in team events, or even try their hand at tie-dying, so you'll want a low-cost tee you won't mind being customized.

Which Accessories Should I Pack for My Daughter’s Summer Camp?

If this is your daughter’s first time at summer camp, it’s natural to feel a little apprehensive, but adding a few home comforts and thoughtful summer camp accessoriescan make a massive difference!

Camps often don’t allow mobile phones, so we’d recommend:

  • A diary or scrapbook to collect memories, mementos, and contact details for all the new friends she'll make
  • An alarm clock–which is one of the most forgotten items, and you’d never want your child to miss an early-morning wake-up call
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray, depending on where the camp is based
  • A camera–which is particularly important if the camp doesn’t permit cell phones

Packing a couple of books or a tablet will ensure your child always has something to read when relaxing or traveling, and headphones are a good call if your daughter loves listening to music. You can also never overestimate the number of snacks your daughter will need! If in doubt, you can pop in a pre-charged payment card or a backup cash supply for any extra essentials or items from the camp shop.

What Toiletries Will My Daughter Need for Camp?

We’ve mentioned must-haves like sunscreen, and you'll also want to pack toothpaste and a toothbrush, bug repellent, and a few basics like shampoo, face wash, and shower gel. Miniature travel-size bottles are a good space-saver, and you can check whether the camp has an on-site shop where you can purchase items for your daughter in advance to pick up on arrival.

Our final tip is to pack a stuffed teddy, framed photo, or another much-loved comfort item–even if your daughter doesn't see it until she arrives. Being away from home can be tough, so she'll know you're thinking of her and wishing her the best summer ever!