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Shopping for Cozy and Comfortable Lounge Pants

Girls’ loungewear pieces are super versatile for wearing out and about, to school, or hanging out at home. A good pair of lounge pants has enough comfort for relaxing or light exercise and is stylish for everyday wear. 

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping

When shopping for new lounge pants for your daughter, consider appropriate loungewear for different seasons with various fabrics, styles, and cuts. Cozy, comfortable, and practical are all essential elements for both warm and cold-weather outfits.

Choose Fabrics Wisely

One of our most important loungewear and sleepwear tipsis that this clothing should always feel soft on the skin and be breathable–no matter the season. Cotton is a classic choice because it's highly durable; it can be washed over and over and won’t pill or warp. 

Cotton is also extremely versatile and comes in a variety of thicknesses, textures, and blends. Its moisture-wicking properties are perfect for preventing overheating, while layering can keep away sweat when doing moderate physical activity like yoga or walking. 

For added warmth, fleece-lined leggings or sweatpants make great lounge pants in the wintertime. Jersey, rayon, flannel, and terry cloth are other fabrics typically used for loungewear. 

Regardless of the material, lounge pants should have a decent amount of stretch. Be sure to avoid scratchy fabrics that might rub up against and irritate your daughter’s sensitive skin. 

Fit and Style

The way lounge pants fit can have a huge impact on how comfortable they are. Soft, elastic waistbands offer some added adjustability, allowing lounge pants to have a more customized and relaxed fit. 

Leggings might feel too restrictive while sweatpants or wide-legged pants might feel too shapeless. Yellowbetty’s Uptown Joggers strike a nice balance of having some tailored fit around the ankles without sitting too close to the body. 

Lounge pants can be worn as neutral pieces with classic, solid colors or stand out more with different colors or textures. Keep in mind, though, that bold patterns might read more like fun pajamas.

Zippers can also offer some fashionable function that keeps loungewear from looking like pajamas. Styling choices can affect the overall aesthetic of wearing lounge pants–pairing them with the right shoes, tops, and jackets will change how casual or sporty the outfit looks. 


Because loungewear can transition between home and on-the-go, functionality is a feature worth prioritizing. Proper pockets not only look good, but they can hold items your daughter wants to keep close by and are a great addition when she doesn’t have her backpack or a jacket with her. 

Find the Best Lounge Pants from Yellowberry

Lounge pants are a fantastic way for your daughter to stay comfy while still looking put-together for school or going out. Yellowberry’s Uptown Joggers are perfect for any occasion and have a sleek shape to style up while staying perfectly cozy to wind down or sleep in. Pair them with a cute camisole or our Downtown Hoodie to complete the look!