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Favorite Brands for Loungewear and Sleepwear

Trying to keep up with fashion trends often results in a lot of unworn clothes because they go out of style so quickly, butgirls' loungewear has been consistently popular with no signs of slowing down.Investing in high-quality loungewear is smart because loungewear is versatile for regular outfits, light physical activity, and sleeping.

Tips for Buying Clothes for Your Girl

What should you look for when shopping for loungewear or sleepwear for a preteen girl? How do you shop forloungewear for different seasons? Quality, fit, affordability, and style are the key considerations to keep in mind when looking for outfits for your growing daughter.


The fabric and construction of their clothes will impact how durable and comfortable they are. Well-made lounge and sleepwear is soft, breathable, and flexible.

These items can be worn and washed regularly with minimal signs of wear. Good brands also offer varying levels of warmth with their products, making it easier to buy garments for different times of the year.

The more durable and better made the clothes are, the better they look. Higher quality loungewear is tailored to look neater and more polished than pajamas, even though it's still casual comfort wear. Premium fabrics for lounge and sleepwear won’t pill or stretch and get holes.


When checking out brands, it’s important to make sure the clothes are well designed, cut, and constructed while providing age-appropriate coverage. Bras, camisoles, shorts, and pants should fit well and look flattering without showing more than is necessary.

Girls need to feel confident in their clothes–look for loungewear that retains its shape over time and has adjustable straps and waistbands to accommodate growing bodies and preferred fits. Because moderate movement like walking, stretching, and light sports are often done in loungewear, look for pieces that aren’t restrictive and allow for a wide and comfortable range of motion.


Be sure to check out brands that showcase current trends without sacrificing the classics. Staple pieces like go-to joggers can be arranged and rearranged with different tops and accessories to create new looks that evolve over time. 

Hoodies can be dressed up with jeans for a casual look. Fun details like embroidery, zippers, and pockets add an extra pop that lets girls show off their sense of style. Sleepwear can be bolder than loungewear pieces because they are worn inside the house, so look for cute prints and brighter colors.


Spending a little more upfront might not make sense at first, but investing in brands that make better quality garments is smarter for your wallet in the long run. Higher-quality loungewear and sleepwear will last longer and will most likely not need replacing due to wear and tear. 

This can reduce the cost-per-wear significantly. Because loungewear is multifunctional, investing in nicer pieces will ensure your daughter can keep up with any activity.

Wrapping Up

Yellowberry’s line of girl’s loungewear, camisoles, bras, and underwear is designed specifically for and by girls. Our mission is to help girls and tweens feel confident expressing themselves and feel good about what they are wearing. Our clothes are perfect for layering, playing, or just hanging out–check out the Yellowberry Loungewear line today!