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Choice of Loungewear for Different Seasons

Whether you’re looking to stay warm or keep cool,loungewear should accommodate seasonal transitions alongside any wardrobe. Curating a collection of different fabrics, cuts, and individual pieces ofloungewear for girls creates different laid-back outfit combinations and options that are weather-appropriate throughout the year. 

Breaking Down Seasonal Styles

One of our bestshopping tips for loungewearis that cotton and cotton blends are the most ideal fabrics. Cotton is breathable and comfortable, and comes in thinner or thicker options; this makes it fantastic as a base layer in the colder months while being versatile enough to be worn on its own during those hotter days of summer.

Additionally, loungewear can be paired with many shoes like sneakers, sandals, and even boots to match any season or weather condition. 


Springtime is a beautiful but somewhat unpredictable time of year. Coming out of winter, there may be cold days and lots of rain before the weather shifts to consistently sunny and warm. Easily removable layers are key for this blustery-to-warm time of year.

Long- or short-sleeved comfy tees paired with joggers and a hoodie can help your daughter transition from cooler or warmer. This layered look can also still accommodate a light jacket when needed. 


Keeping cool is essential during the hot and humid months. Cotton shorts and tank tops or camisoles with lots of breathability will keep sweat from getting trapped in clothes.

Summer tends to be more active for most, so loungewear that is comfortable and airy to go from indoor to outdoor activities will help girls move their bodies and dry down quickly. Comfortable shorts and tops can easily be thrown over bathing suits for a poolside or beach day. 


Like springtime, fall can have unpredictably warm days before transitioning into full-time winter. Layering is key, especially at night as the temperature drops.

Cozy joggers paired with soft long or short-sleeved shirts are perfect under a thicker hoodie, sweatshirt, or sweater. Colder days are a good time to mix loungewear pieces with less casual pieces, such as soft cropped hoodies with jeans. 


Colder, darker days are usually spent keeping warm indoors. Cold-weather accessories, like thick cozy socks, slippers, scarves, and hats add an extra layer of warmth.

Fleece-lined leggings or sweatpants are ideal–the thicker the material, the better. A cotton layer under a knit sweater will help with overheating when indoors. Choose layers that still feel comfortable and are not too bulky under a big, warm winter coat. 

Line of Loungewear She Will Love

No matter what season it is, loungewear is a popular and approachable style of girls’ clothing that offers flexible pieces that can be used throughout the year. With clever styling, loungewear can look intentional and cute without sacrificing comfort.

Yellowberry has a new line of high-quality cotton joggers, camisoles, hoodies, and shorts that are the perfect wardrobe staples your daughter can mix and match or layer to stay comfortable all day long. Check out our styles and sizes today!