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How to Wear Leggings Without Showing Underwear

We’ll take a wild guess and assume that your daughter has a dresser drawer full of leggings. High-waisted, cropped, buttery-soft, biker length, moisture-wickingthe list of different types of leggings can go on and on, and for good reason!

Leggings are a very popular choice among women and teenage girls. Not only are they comfortable and lightweight, but leggings make for a great on-the-go pant while simultaneously remaining an ideal activewear choice for busy girls on the go.

But even if your daughter’s closet is stacked to the brim with leggings, what are the odds she actually wears them? Sure, leggings are designed with comfort in mind, but they are also skin-tight, and with skin-tight clothing comes dreaded panty lines.

Yes, the pesky underwear seams that always poke through. You’ve experienced it yourself, and they are not a pretty sightespecially if your daughter finds herself more comfortable in boyshorts or hipster-cut undergarments. Visible panty lines can easily affect your daughter’s self-esteem and her comfort.

So, what’s the solution? Seamless underwear for girls!

What Is Seamless Underwear? 

Seamless underwear are made  out of soft and supportive fabric without any visible seams or stitches.

Soft to the touch, stretchy, and flexible–these types of panties make for comfortable and invisible everyday wear. The best part? There are many different types of seamless underwear, so if your daughter is not yet ready to wear a thong but wants something cheekier, she can still find a bikini cut in a seamless design. 

Can You Wear Seamless Underwear With Leggings? 

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend wearing seamless underwear with practically any type of clothing. Sure, the internet might recommend thongs as the undergarment of choice when it comes to wearing leggings, but some girls are not yet ready for that much exposure. Your daughter does not have to be limited to wearing a specific type of undergarment cut every time she wants to wear leggings. Where is the comfort in that?

Undergarments should be comfortable, supportive, breathable, and lightweight. That is why we’re such a fan of the seamless style. With virtually no visible seams or stitching, your daughter has the freedom to choose what cut she wants to wear and not have to worry about those pesky lines poking through her leggings, dress, skirt, or skinny jeans. 

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Made of high-quality, moisture-wicking, breathable, and lightweight material, our seamless panties ensure comfort and flexibility, all day, every day. They even come in two different styles–our Scout design is the perfect panty for the girl who likes full coverage but doesn’t want to miss out on rocking her favorite pair of high-waisted leggings, and our bikini-cut Twistr panty has just enough coverage, support, and stretch. Check out Yellowberry today and find the perfect fit for your daughter, no matter her style!