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How Are Seamless Panties Made?

When looking for the perfect  tween underwear for your daughter, consider seamless underwear. Seamless underwear is an undergarment created with no or very little stitching, creating a smooth effect underneath clothing. It's perfect for everyday wear, activewear, and even formal wear due to its discreet nature.

Seamless underwear is typically made through the stitching process. Designers create the product in a system that makes patterns in an automatic circular stitching machine–two panties are typically stitched together in one tube, factoring in where the cut marks will be. The label mark (or printing mark) and layers for the waistband are also incorporated into the design.

Next, the tubes are dyed to create the desired patterns and colors. Once the labels and other decorative elements of the panties are set, they are cut and sewn in an overlock machine. This machine separates the two panty pieces and joins the crotch area with minimal stitching. For seamless panties, the only stitching is in the crotch and leg openings. After that, the panties go through a series of quality checks. It’s a simple and reliable process that results in the most comfortable and seam-free undergarments.

We know seamless underwear is ideal for comfort and style–your tween will love that she can  wear leggings without showing underwear. However, as with any purchase, we want to be sure we are making the right choice on a multitude of fronts.

Why Seamless Underwear Is an Ethical Purchase

Are seamless panties ethically made? As we raise our tweens to be empowered, confident individuals, we want to set a standard for empowering our community, as well. 

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Seamless underwear must be made with breathable fabrics. Most of the fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo, are environmentally friendly. Apart from being soft and comfortable, these fabrics have a lower impact on the environment because they are all-natural.

Brands such as Yellowberry even make their seamless panties out of recycled fabric to lower their carbon footprint, and some also create packaging and bags from recycled fabric rather than plastic packaging. This lowers unnecessary plastic waste and gives customers packaging they can reuse.

Ethical Manufacturing

Seamless panties are in style and look like they will stay in style for years to come. In the past decade, many brands have shifted to more ethical practices of manufacturing. Fashion Bomb Daily reports that most brands that specialize in seamless panties “value workers and forbid sweatshops.”

You can support ethical factories by purchasing from brands that partner with responsible manufacturing facilities. Some brands with ethical practices also partner with charities or have foundations of their own. Yellowberry’s “Take Girls Seriously” campaign works with girls and young women to showcase their business acumen to smash the glass ceiling. Campaigns and product designs are run in partnership with budding professionals to show young women that they can do anything they put their minds to.

Made for Your Body

Seamless underwear is form-fitting without being shapewear. Discretion is key in the debate between  seamless underwear versus regular underwear. Seamless underwear is smooth to your skin without being restrictive or bunching underneath clothing, which means your daughter can move freely and comfortably.

When it comes to empowering women, we at Yellowberry want to do it from top to bottom. By switching to seamless underwear, your tween will feel comfortable and confident while still supporting eco-friendly choices.