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Types of Seamless Underwear

When it comes to finding the perfect pair ofgirl’s panties for your daughter, comfort is key. Just like any other article of clothing we buy for our daughters, we want their underwear to be comfortable, smooth on the skin, lightweight, and breathable. Our daughters are always on the gothey should never have to worry about their undergarments, which is why we’re such fans of seamless underwear!

Seamless underwear is a kind of panty designed with no visible seams or stitching. They are made to be invisible so your daughter can confidently go outwearing leggings without showing underwear lines. As mamas, that’s all we wantfor our daughters to go about their days stress-free.

Yellowberry’s seamless underwear offers the right amount of comfort, breathability, stretch, and versatility! Whether you opt for more coverage with our Scout undies or more of a bikini-cut with our Twistr panty, you can rest assured that our moisture-wicking, seamless underwear are the perfect go-to for all-day wear and comfort.

Need another benefit of seamless underwear? Our stitch-free and smooth seamless panties will protect your daughter from experiencing any discomfort or chafing. We have all been there–there is nothing worse than trying to remedy the irritation that comes with uncomfortable seams.

And the best part of seamless underwear? They come in a variety of different looks, colors, and fits, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

What Are the Different Types of Seamless Underwear?


Every girl needs a pair of boyshorts in her dresser. Whether she’s throwing them on for a night’s rest or under a flowy dress, you can’t go wrong with this type of underwear. 


Some girls love the style of bikini underwear, but we are all too familiar with the discomfort of seams pressing into our bikini lines. If your daughter is a fan of the bikini-cut style, it is worth checking out our Yellowberry Twistr undies. Bikini-cut but seamless, these panties offer all-day comfort, breathability, and just the right amount of coverage. Add to the mix our patented Nilit Breeze Fibers, and you can rest easy knowing your daughter will have one less worry on her mind. 

Hipster Cut

Looking for the perfect blend of bikini and boyshorts? Check out our hipster cut panties. These are the perfect style of undergarments for a high-activity day or for any gal who is on the go.

Cheeky Cut

If your daughter is a little too old for boyshorts but still wants something a little cheekier than bikini-cut style undergarments, a cheeky cut is your best bet. With less exposure than a thong, the cheeky cut offers less coverage than a hipster or boyshort cut, but enough support for her all day long. 

Why Try Yellowberry Seamless Underwear?

While there are many different styles available, it is always important to check with your daughter about what she needs and wants in a pair of undergarments.

While there are many options to choose from, be sure to check out our Scout and Twistr undies. With just the right amount of coverage and seamless, breathable, moisture-wicking material, these are sure to be the panty your daughter reaches for time and time again!