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How to Wear a Hoodie with Style: Fashion Tips for Girls

Whether it’s the throes of the rainy winter seasons or your daughter just needs something cozy for summer nights,girls hoodies are the ultimate accessory. Warm, colorful, and versatile, hoodies are perfect for the mini-fashionista or casually-cool tween in your life.

The hoodie is the ultimate adventure-buddy for all of your daughter’s endeavors. It’s just as easy to learn how to wash a hoodie as it is to style one! Simply toss it in with your other laundry (we recommend using cold water to maintain vibrancy in color) and you’re good to go!

If your daughter is ready to step into the new season but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort for style, we have all the tips she needs to feel confident.

Best Ways to Dress Up a Hoodie

‘Hoodie’ refers to a hooded sweatshirt that can either be put on like a jacket with a zipper in the middle, or can be worn as a pull-over like her favorite t-shirt. They’re a type of sweatshirt that offers additional coverage for her head, which can help when it’s chilly outside or raining.

We usually think of someone who just rolled out of bed when we think of hoodies–we throw one on when we need to run a quick errand or cuddle up for a movie night. But recent fashion trends have turned the tide and hoodies are now a fashion statement your daughter can’t miss out on.

Here are the best ways to style her favorite hoodie:

Oversized with Leggings

Pop stars and adorable animated characters alike have popularized the oversized-chic style that is both playful and comfortable. Purchase a hoodie that is two or more sizes larger than she would normally wear, so that the bottom hem of the hoodie hits the tops of her thighs, a few inches below her backside. The sleeves are meant to be longer, reaching her fingertips and covering her palm.

However, this is definitely not long enough to wear on its own as a dress! Pair her hoodie with her Yellowberry Hoop or Zip leggings, cozy socks, and bold sneakers to complete the look.

Matching Set

The Y2K aesthetic is back! We all remember the matching tracksuits of the early 2000’s and how they invited exciting colors and soft textures into our everyday wardrobe. Now, your daughter can enjoy comfort in style with a matching hoodie tracksuit.

Unlike the oversized hoodie style, these matching sets can be more fitted. You’re looking for a ‘true to size’ fit that allows her to move, lounge, and express herself comfortably.

With Something Bold

Does your daughter have bold and vibrant garments that overdress her outfits? Maybe she has a pair of patterned pants or leggings in a bright color that just don’t seem to gel with her usual wardrobe. Keep it casual on top with her favorite hoodie while she dresses up her look with expressive pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses!

Experiment with Layers

Hoodies can be dressed up or dressed down easily with layers. For an edgy, warm look, your daughter can throw on her black moto jacket over her hoodie to really get her rock and roll on! Does she want a grunge-meets-preppy look? An oversized blazer atop a hoodie gives her an effortlessly cool vibe.

Cool and Cropped

Sometimes, all she needs is a light layer for running around town or to keep her warm between soccer practice and dance rehearsals. A cropped sweatshirt, like Yellowberry’s Downtown Hoodie, is perfect for all of her ventures and the downtime in between.

This style is perfect for the athlete or the performer in your family, because it can easily slide over leotards, sports jerseys, and more! A cropped hoodie is versatile, and can pair with jeans, leggings, or even her well-loved pajama bottoms.

The Best Cozy Hoodies at Yellowberry

The Downtown Hoodie is our latest addition to our Yellowberry loungewear family. It’s a classic basic that is available in a range of colors, from exuberant hot pink to classically neutral white or black. The Downtown Hoodie hits just below the navel, right near her hip bone to provide a modern yet timeless silhouette that she will love time and time again