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How to Prevent Underarm Stains on Bras: Strategies That Work!

Underarm stains are a recurring issue for thousands of teens, whose growing bodies naturally produce sweat and odor-causing bacteria that can elevate feelings of self-consciousness.

If you’re struggling to get stains out of your daughter’s small cup size bras, even alongside thebenefits of rotating bras, we’ll explain some of the easy solutions which don’t involve throwing a high-quality bra into the trash!

Why Do Bras Develop Underarm Stains?

The first thing to stress is that staining is incredibly common–and it’s far better to look at preventatives than to settle for scrubbing yellow stains out of your teen’s underwear every wash day.

Canwearing the wrong bra cause skin irritation that leads to staining? Indeed, it can; a bra made from 100% synthetic fabrics can mean more delicate skin types sweat far more than usual. Other causes include:

  • Leaving it a few days before washing a bra; if sweat has been soaked into the fibers for some time, it can be harder to remove the marks
  • Using bleach to remove old stains, which usually makes the mark more visible

Stains might also be down to the amount of deodorant your daughter uses. If a teen over-applies to prevent sweating, the outcome is a buildup of product sitting on the underarm skin and bra, which penetrates the fabric.

Now, let’s work through a few strategies to prevent stains from forming to start with and keep your daughter’s bras in perfect condition for considerably longer!

1. Wash Worn Bras Straight Away

Sweat is normal, and every teen will sweat on hotter days, during sports activities, and probably a little more in high-stress settings, such as when sitting an exam.

The first solution is simply to wash bras straight away once they've been worn before any sweat or deodorant residue has a chance to seep deep into the fibers and cause staining.

2. Buy Bras With Moisture Wicking Fabrics

Picking a bra with moisture-wicking properties won’t affect natural sweating but means the sweat doesn’t stick around. Wicking fibers circulate air, so sweat is drawn away from the skin, and the fabric, reducing sweat patches and irritation.

Wicking is a superpower in teen underwear because not only does it make your daughter more comfortable and confident, but it also prevents stains from forming to start with.

3. Get the Sizing Right

A bra that is too tight and stiff will exacerbate sweating, so just like a performance fabric, the sizing can influence the likelihood of stains. Tight bands and straps rub and irritate the skin, causing excess sweat and preventing even the best materials from working correctly.

If your daughter’s bra seems to be continually stained, ask if there’s a good time to have a quick check on her measurements or see if the straps need to be loosened a little. Bras develop underarm stains primarily due to the amount or type of deodorant your daughter uses and natural sweat production, so going for a wicking fabric that repels moisture and avoiding over-application should resolve the problem from now on!