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Mastering Layering with Hoodies: A Girl's Guide

Layering cute hoodies for girls is all about keeping warm with shirts and jackets, and using accessories to dress them up or down.The great thing about hoodies is that they can transition between practical and fashionable anytime, which is why they are a staple piece in comfy outfit choices for girls.

Because hoodies can often be worn in place of outerwear, proper hoodie care and maintenanceis key to keeping them looking fresh for any outfit or style.

Keeping Warm and Staying Cool

One of the best features of hoodies is that they are roomy enough to wear shirts underneath, but they also look cute under jackets and coats. They can be worn in any season, which makes them extremely functional! Layering with hoodies allows girls to customize their comfort.

Camis and Tees

From lounging at home to casual hang-outs, camis are the perfect layer under a hoodie. They are soft and cute, but don’t offer too much warmth. Layering with her favorite long or short sleeve t-shirt gives your daughter the option to remove her hoodie and still feel confident in her outfit while at school.

Avoid button-downs with collars under hoodie because they don’t sit as close to the body; collared shirts might feel uncomfortable and bulky.


Hoodies look really cute and chic under light jackets. Oversized, vintage-style denim jackets with a hoodie are the perfect look for when the weather is still slightly crisp in the fall or spring. Because hoodies tend to be thicker, look for roomier jackets. Hoodie sleeves tend to bunch up under snug-fitting jackets. If opting for a winter coat, tuck the hoodie’s hood into the hood of the coat so that they sit neatly together.

Hoodies are chameleon staples in any wardrobe. Hoodies are incredibly versatile‒they can be worn with shorts and sandals at the beach or paired with beanies and boots in the winter!

Pairing Hoodies With Bottoms

Hoodies look cute with any style of bottoms. Jeans will help pull hoodies out of the athleisure trend without sacrificing any comfort. Jeans and hoodies are great for school days and going out. Joggers will create a matching, layered look that is classic for loungewear outfits.

Leggings and hoodies paired together can still look chic and cool, but will feel the most practical for light physical activity like walking and yoga. Joggers and leggings are best paired with camis and sporty tanks that are layered under hoodies.

Shoes and Accessories

The shoes your daughter wears can really transform the aesthetic of her outfit! Sneakers will look more casual and sporty, while a cute pair of boots will have a little more street-style and edge.

Footwear can be just as expressive as other pieces in an outfit. Hoodies look great with some cute bracelets and necklaces. Swapping a backpack for a chic tote or small cross-body purse will help her to transition outfits from school to hanging out with friends.

Closing Thoughts

Layering and styling hoodies is a fun way for girls to play with fashion and build confidence. Yellowberry’s line of loungewear is filled with the perfect staple pieces your daughter can build her wardrobe around!