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Can Wearing the Wrong Bra Cause Skin Irritation? Examining the Risks

One of the many reasons to prioritize amazing qualitysmall cup bras is that, unfortunately, underwear made with some synthetics can cause rashes, soreness, and even skin infections.

Among thebenefits of wearing organic cotton bras is that natural fibers are far less likely to irritate. We often think that skin problems such as redness and soreness are all down to the fit of a bra, but if you’re looking athow to prevent underarm stains on bras and tackle odors that don’t seem to wash out, the culprit might be the fabric, not the fit.

Why Do Some Teens Experience Irritation From Their Bras?

The reality is we're all wonderfully different, and everybody has triggers that can cause inflammation in their skin. Parents often have no idea their daughter's skin is sensitive to a fabric until they experience irritation!

Not every teen will have these issues, but there are several potential conditions all down to wearing the wrong bra, whether that's because the sizing isn't right or the fabric is too harsh. Yellowberry has run through three of the most common skin complaints, explained why they occur, and how to solve the problem!

1. Breakouts on Chests

It’s no secret that pimples and breakouts are a normal side-effect of the hormones in teen skin, but if your daughter has a sudden rash of spots on her chest, it’s likely her bra. Particularly sporty girls find that the oil and bacteria we naturally produce when we sweat remain trapped in their skin pores underneath their bra, causing spots.

The remedy is either to switch to a natural fabric blend or reassess your daughter's size, opting for a bra with moisture wicking that doesn't dig or pull under her chest.

2. Excessive Sweating

Everybody sweats, and it's normally no big deal, but teens might find they keep experiencing sweat patches under their chest. There's a simple fix, similar to the above, in swapping her bra for a moisture-wicking fabric.

Wicking is a material property that means the fibers draw sweat away from the skin, so it disperses in the air, keeping the skin cool and calm while preventing clamminess.

All Yellowberry teen bras feature careful fabric selections for this very reason (it’s more scientific than it might look!). For example, the Chickadee Seamless Bra is sweat-wicking, breathable, and has a four-way stretch, eliminating build-ups of moisture with added Nilit Breeze Fibers.

3. Allergic Skin Reactions

Teens can experience allergies they were previously unaware of, caused by chemical treatments within the fabrics in their bra–this is caused by contact, so if your daughter has never had a swimsuit or tee made from the same blend, it might never have come to light.

Allergies can be painful, causing swelling, redness, pain, and itchy skin, due to a hypersensitivity to a component that other teens might be impervious to. In this situation, we’d point you in the direction of our Poppy Seamless Bra, created to be suited to girls with sensitive skin, with zero padding, the important wicking and breathability, and an extra-soft antimicrobial fabric for quick-dry performance.