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How to Buy a Training Bra For My Daughter - A Guide For Moms

How to Buy a Training Bra for My Daughter – A Guide For Moms

For mothers, it can be tricky to buy aselection of training bras that have the perfect fit, style, and comfort for their daughter but aren’t sure where to look or what to purchase.

Folding training bras are a great option and discreet enough to be tucked into a gym kit or school bag without getting crumpled, but there are other considerations, such as fabrics, prints, and support.

One of the best solutions is to sit down together and have a chat! If you’re unsurehow to ask your mom for a training bra, the chances are she feels the same but doesn't want to make you feel awkward by being the person to start the conversation.

When to Buy Your Daughter’s First Training Bra

There isn't a 'correct' time to buy a training bra; so much depends on your daughter. Girls sometimes need support from around age eight, whereas others won't be interested in wearing training bras until well into their teens.

Some girls also want to wear training bras to fit in with their peers or ensure they have the right coverage when changing. Others perceive bras as uncomfortable and unnecessary and prefer a super-soft, lightweight crop-top style like our top-selling Ladybug Bra.

Signs that your daughter may need a training bra (even if she hasn't outright asked) might include the following:

  • Asking for more privacy during changing or after a shower
  • Feeling sensitivity in her chest area or mentioning discomfort
  • Prompting chats about all her friends wearing bras

Teens are often shy or avoid discussing personal subjects, so it is best to find a quiet time and approach the topic gently, giving your daughter space to express her wishes and preferences.

Measuring for a Training Bra

Size is all-important; any woman will know that rigid fabrics, harsh wiring, or tight straps can cause sore skin and rubbing, so we’d recommend taking the time to measure. Yellowberry training bras have comprehensive sizing, from XS up to 2X (with seven sizing options across the range), and you can use our size guide for reference, which shows measurements for:

  • Underneath the bust area–around the ribs
  • Overbust–around the fullest part of the chest
  • Comparable standard clothing sizes

We suggest sizing up if you’re unsure, as training bras should fit snugly without being restrictive.

Choosing the Right Training Bra for Your Daughter

Once you've sorted your sizing, you need to think about designs and bras your daughter will love wearing. Skin-tone colors are brilliant for underneath school shirts or white polos, and bright shades are great for girls who love fun patterns and sporty looks. Our training bra sets come in a trio pack of tonal colors, so your daughter can mix and match depending on her mood and the activities she has planned for that day.

The Pipit bra is ideal for extra coverage, with a breathable, light cotton fabric that is extra-soft, whereas the Sky Bra is the ultimate for sporty girls, with a touch of spandex for all-day support.

Pro tip: try a training bra with adjustable straps or a racer back if your daughter is worried about straps peeking out of sleeveless tops–these hybrid styles are modern, comfy, and effortless and can be worn with any outfit!