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How Do I Know What Size Bra My Daughter Needs?

It’s important to get your daughter’s bra size correct so that you can provide her with a bra that fits properly and that offers the necessary comfort and support for her growing breasts–whether it’s for every day or for when she’s  sleeping in a training bra. You can do this by simply measuring her torso with a measuring tape; most  bras for tweens only require this measurement. But if you have a daughter with more mature breasts, you’ll also have to measure her band size and cup side, still with just a measuring tape—and some basic math!

How to Measure Your Daughter’s Bra Size

It can be tempting to leave the measuring of your daughter’s bra size to the sales attendants in a store, but this could be awkward for your daughter who may be getting increasingly self-conscious about her body. It would be better to measure her bra size yourself at home–that way, she’s more comfortable; plus, you can even give her a lesson about the proper way to measure one’s bra size, which is information she’s sure to find useful in the future.

Measuring the Torso

Most training bras only need the torso measurement as they don’t yet come with bands or cups. To measure your daughter’s torso, run a tape measure just below her breast, along the rib cage, and the back. The measuring tape should lay flat on her body; it shouldn’t dig into her skin or sag.

Measuring for Band Size

If your daughter has more mature breasts, you’ll likely need to upgrade from a training bra to a regular bra, which will need her bra size. This consists of a band size, which you can get by adding four to your daughter’s torso size (in inches).

The band size should be an even number. If you get an odd number, you can round up or down depending on the fit your daughter wants. That said, it’s generally better to size down because bras have adjustable clasps, anyway.

Measuring for Cup Size

The other aspect of a bra size is the cup size. Measuring this is the same as measuring the torso, except this time you have to move the tape up measure to the fullest part of your daughter’s breast.

Subtract her torso size from the breast measurement. The difference you get will determine her cup size:

  • Less than one inch = AA
  • One inch = A
  • Two inches = B
  • Three inches = C
  • Four inches = D
  • Five inches = DD or E

Tips for Finding the Best Bra for Your Daughter

Choosing a bra for a teenager can be intimidating—both for you and your daughter. But you can leave the store with the best experience (and a bag full of perfectly-fitting bras!) by following these tips.

Explain the Basics

Empower your daughter to make her own decisions when choosing her bras by explaining the basics of the process before you even step foot into a store or open a shopping website. Tell her about sizing, the different types of bras, how a bra should fit, etc., and be ready to answer any questions she may have. Be a helpful guide every step of the way!

Ask Your Daughter What She Wants 

Your daughter is the one who’ll be wearing the bra, so ask her what she wants and needs. Check that she finds the fit comfortable, that she likes the material, and that she’s happy with the style and design. Make sure that you buy bras based on her lifestyle, too. For example, if she’s an athlete, get her sports bras to wear in the gym or on the field.

Do Regular Checks

Your daughter may outgrow her training bras fast, so do regular checks to ensure that her underwear still fits properly. Otherwise, you may have to go out and buy a new set that does!

The Best Bras From Yellowberry

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