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Is It Okay to Sleep in a Training Bra?

When your daughter starts wearing  training bras, one of the questions she may ask you is if it’s okay for her to sleep in them. Sleeping in a training bra is perfectly okay–it may even offer benefits to some girls. It all boils down to comfort: if your daughter is more comfortable sleeping in her training bra, then let her get her zzz’s while wearing it.

What You Should Know About Sleeping in a Training Bra

There are several misconceptions about sleeping in bras. Some people say it stunts breast growth, induces breast cancer, or causes breasts to sag. Don’t believe any of these—none of them are true. The worst sleeping in a training bra could do to your daughter is cause her discomfort like skin irritation or disrupted sleep.

There are no studies that conclude that sleeping with a bra on is bad. The kind of bra your daughter snoozes in doesn’t matter, either. The choice to sleep with a bra on, no matter what type it is (be it  a crop top or a training bra) all depends on what makes her comfortable.

Pros of Sleeping in a Training Bra

Finding the  right-sized bra for your daughter will do wonders for her, and she might find it so comfortable that she even decides to wear it through the night. If she wants to, let her; it may even be beneficial to her. Here are some pros of letting your daughter sleep in her training bra:

Relieves Pain

Wearing a bra provides comfort and support during everyday activities, and it does the same even when you’re lying in bed. Sleeping in a training bra can be great if your daughter has bigger breasts, or is simply not yet used to the new weight on her chest. It could relieve pressure when she sleeps, reducing the possibility of back pain, neck pain, or stiff upper body muscles when she wakes up.

Helps with Hormones

If your daughter is already getting her periods, she may experience swollen breasts or tender nipples before her red days. This could be uncomfortable, and wearing a bra to sleep can help alleviate those symptoms so she can sleep more comfortably.

Reduces Sagging

Let’s get two things straight: one, all breasts are good breasts, even saggy ones; two, saggy breasts happen naturally–it’s just nature. That said, some tricks can help to keep breasts perkier longer, and wearing a training bra to sleep is a good start as it helps keep your daughter’s breasts from hanging, falling, or dropping to one side while she slumbers.

Cons of Sleeping in a Training Bra

There are no significant detrimental effects caused by sleeping in a training bra, but they can be uncomfortable for some. Here are some cons of sleeping in a bra that could make you consider encouraging your daughter to sleep without one:

Makes Breathing More Difficult

Bras are designed to be snug around the chest, which could stop your daughter from breathing properly (because the bra could constrict her chest from expanding) as she sleeps.

Causes Discomfort

Having that extra layer of cloth around the chest can be uncomfortable for your daughter. She may find that just wearing pajamas or a t-shirt to bed is enough; let her choose the option that makes her feel best.

Sweaty Nights of Sleep

Sleeping in a bra can make your daughter sleep in a heavy sweat, which increases the risk of smell, irritation, and even yeast growth. If she insists on wearing her training bra despite this, consider choosing a bra with a more breathable material (like cotton).

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Sleeping in her training bra is okay if it’s what your daughter finds comfortable. You can help her feel even better doing this by providing her with the best training bras from Yellowberry. Choose from a variety of sizes, types, styles, and designs that are perfect for your not-so-little girl today!